Collared carjacker claims to be part of movie shoot

When a Pittsburgh man tried to carjack a plain-clothed police officer's car and got immediately collared, he claimed to be shooting a scene from The Dark Knight Rises, currently shooting in the city. From MSNBC:
[Detective] DiGiacomo said he was able to pull out his gun and arrest Micah Calamosca, 21, of Shadyside, after Calamosca tried to order him out of his vehicle on Ivy Street. Calamosca "said he was just filming the movie 'Batman,' and that him taking my vehicle was part of the script," according to the criminal complaint filed by DiGiacomo.
For reference, Ivy Street is like four miles out of downtown (embatsignalled above) and about as Gotham as a Jane Austen novel. However, the idea of Batman recklessly pursuing Bane through a synagogue brunch or independent arts festival is quite exciting. Photo: Lightwave International.


  1. Fantastic sir, I’d love to be in the movie myself so we’ll improv a quick scene here where I play a cop arresting you and then I’d love to take you to the station to meet the chief, get a quick autograph and some photos for the kids!

  2. Pretending to be part of a movie shoot to avoid getting arrested… Did that guy get his inspiration in Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? (Where this is exactly what happens, but involuntarily on the part of the thief…)

  3. Calling him a “collared carjacker” had me thinking it was a Roman Catholic priest for a second. Perhaps he could get legal help from the National Association for the Advancement of Collared People.

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