Headhunters and diplomats


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  1. Morkl says:

    And a picture of a fish, just like the ones that turn up whenever I’m drawing something. Nice! http://blogs.archives.gov/prologue/wp-content/uploads/train.jpg

  2. YamaraTheGod says:

    Headhunters and diplomats?

    Sounds unusually familiar

  3. Rider says:

    That’s a pretty horrible attempt to communicate with a primitive culture.   They have most likely never seen a plane from profile, and what the hell is up with drawing a suitcase.  Even if they could figure it out, how would that help the situation?

  4. a year later the Nagas would play a definitive role in reversing the Japanese advance into British India at the battle of Kohima…called the “Stalingrad of the East” by many historians. So…. i just think they were playing dumb when they picked up the ‘mericans 

  5. Sarah Neptune says:

    This was such a good read.I love the drawing of what looks to me like when something lightweight falls from a height – that squiggly line in the lower left quadrant of that picture. I can imagine the pencil moving back and forth to make it. Humans and briefcases aren’t lightweight but I might still draw a falling trajectory that way for the concept of coming to a soft (non-lethal) landing after falling from a great height.

  6. nikosal says:

    @ sarah: squiggly line? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. I believe he has drawn only two straight lines originated from the profile plane, to show that a man and this mystery suitcase may have fallen in different places. I am not certain the other line means what you think, but then, who knows what a captive may do with a pencil…

  7. Stephen M says:

    I am wondering if that sketch was trying to relay that he had lost or left his baggy in the mountains, and wanted the tribe help to find or fetch it.

  8. Guest says:

    Fascinating post. Thanks.

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