Michael Hearst: Ode To Odd Instruments

[Video Link] Bravo to Michael Hearst for performing this ode to odd instruments, which is called "Ode To Odd Instruments."

Including (in order of appearance): Knockman "Chachak," daxophone, Hohner claviola, bass melodica, stylophone, otamatone, Moog theremin, Elasticbrand Audioware rattle, porter's bell. Also featuring Maddie the cat.
(Thanks, Joel!)

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  1. Laughed my considerable butt off at this.  Love the stunned look on the face of the puss like WTF!  “Why are you making such a ruckus when you could be doing something constructive like opening me a nice can of cat food?”  Wonderful post.  It helped get me over my post budget deficit blahs and that terrible feeling I’ve been screwed again without being kissed.

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