Augmented Reality Korean Unification Project


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  1. Trent Hawkins says:

    If North Koreans see this it will blow their minds.

    Not so much the Augmented reality, but the magic picture box.

    • markskwarek says:


      I am the maker of the project and you are correct- currently what is
      presented is Photoshoped visualizations. I am going to make this clear
      on the website and note it on the youtube. I am traveling to Korea to
      document the augments on August 7th, I will post my video of the
      “realtime augmented reality” at the DMZ very soon..  I’m very sorry
      about the confusion-
      At the same time the augments are currently located at the DMZ- Bring your iPhone!


  2. niro5 says:

    But will it remove the Kim family from power in North Korea?  That would probably go a lot further to erasing scars due to years of conflict.

  3. narddogz says:

    The Dear Leader cannot be augmented.

  4. nzruss says:

    that didn’t look like augmented reality… it looked like photshop…

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    If you look at a typical North Korean with it, he or she will appear to be 20 lbs. heavier!

  6. RJ says:

    It’s a nice thought. Expressing the idea through AR gives the dream something approaching tangibility. When something is tangible, it becomes clearer and seems more attainable. It crumbles away one more stone between us and the reality most of us want.

  7. BarBarSeven says:

    Great idea! But one major conceptual flaw: How many North Koreans can afford to own an iPad or risk being in public with one to implement an idea like this?

  8. benher says:

    Yeah, but does the App require a Samsung device? (rimshot)

  9. SDZion says:

    Will this amount to denying reality or creating a new one?

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