Alan Moore: Storyteller

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Alan Moore: Storyteller is a lush new artbook about the writer and comic genius behind Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and From Hell. The hardcover monograph spans Moore's entire career, from his early performance pieces and comic strips to his emergence as one of comicdom's most brilliant and esoteric voices. Along the way, we gain insight into his process and can even see pages from his work-in-progress notebooks and scripts. The book includes an audio CD with Moore's spoken word and audio performances. Gary Spencer Millidge, author of Comic Book Design, put the book together and Michael Moorcock wrote the foreward. A lovely objet d′art and tribute to this essential voice of 20th (and 21st) century narrative.

Alan Moore: Storyteller (Amazon)

And for more on Moore, don't miss BB pal Erik Davis's interview with him on the excellent Expanding Mind podcast. Topics include Psychogeography, John Dee, comic gods, and magic(k). Listen below!

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  1. And SWAMP THING!!! Don’t forget he wrote for Swamp Thing which went from 2nd rate horror comic to Kirby Award winner and one of the first DC titles to loose the “Approved by the Comics Code Authority” badge. IMHO, Swamp Thing is superior to Watchmen. Also Miracle Man (I think called Marvel Man in the UK) is also great. In fact it’s been ‘sampled’ in several super hero movies of late.

  2. The book jacket looks like a ’70s smooooth rock album cover.  Possibly a ’70s outlaw country album cover.  I give it a thumbs up. 

  3. The latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has also been released and they are also reprinting Swamp Thing in new hardcover editions.  I’m glad books are still around!

  4. Am I the only one here hoping Millidge will get back to work on _Strangehaven_ now that this is out?

  5. This book reads more like a savant fanboy’s listing of all things Moore rather than really offering any analysis or insight or even in-person interviews with Moore himself. It’s nothing more than an exhaustive career summary filled in with a mix of quotes taken from a variety of sources and other publications. It’s not even very well edited (typos galore).
    If you’re not terribly familiar with Moore’s stuff, it’s a good enough entry point, and an exhaustive must-read list, but really, it wasn’t as interesting as Moore’s work itself, or Moore talking about his work and ideas in-depth, which he does in many other, less expensive publications. The CD’s got some decent jams on ‘er though.

  6. Alan Moore had me at Future Shocks/Time Twisters and later Skizz although it would take me years to realise they were the work of one man. I’ve been a lifelong superfan through Warrior and Swamp Thing/ Hellblazer and onwards… Just the thought of Valerie’s letter brings a lump to my throat.

  7. I’m old enough to remember the Roscoe Moscow strip he wrote and drew for Sounds in the late 1970s.  First time I met him, I asked him: “Are you Curt Vile?”  He grinned and said that he had been seen in the same room as Curt once or twice…

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