Lessig Sings the Blues: "Walden Pond Blues"


3 Responses to “Lessig Sings the Blues: "Walden Pond Blues"”

  1. technogeekagain says:

    Uhm Pure free market and you get robber barons, as the ex-USSR discovered when they tried to jump to capitalism as we like to describe it rather than as we practice it. Be careful what you invoke.

  2. MeOnBoingBoing says:

    Lessig has always received a warm and uncritical welcome from Wired and Boing Boing. The man is a disingenuous master at self promotion I’ll give him that, unfortunately he is also overflowing with ignorant ideas.  I think he would be a more useful member of society if he starred in a reality show where he was forced to share an apartment with Stallman.  At least we could get some entertainment out of those two.

  3. Now I REALLY want to play a duet with this guy. Does he do well with clarinetists?

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