Retro Game Master

Kotaku is celebrating old-school gaming with a retrospective series of newly-dubbed TV shows, Retro Game Master, presented by Shinya Arino. New episodes "air" on Thursdays, and the choices are a refreshing step beyond the standard A-list classics: The Mystery of Atlantis, Clock Tower, Solomon's Key and Mighty Bomb Jack. You can catch up at the archive.


  1. Game Center CX!!!  This show is so entrancing and the host Arino is a nice guy.  I’m thrilled someone other than fansubbers has finally translated this.  I hope I can buy a DVD set or something.

    1. With no prejudice, acknowledging I’d really rather the official US version be successful, Kotaku has done a hack job at best. Which is an incredibly shame considering an unnamed wretched hive of scum and villainy are killing it with their translations. 

  2. If you like the show, you might be interested in the DS video game based on it, Retro Game Challenge. It includes a good number of NES-style games similar to the ones reviewed on the show. There was also a sequel, but the original game didn’t sell well enough to justify its translation. I’m hoping that having the show available in the US might change that eventually.

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