Smithsonian inventors quiz


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  1. gandalf23 says:

    13/20.  Should’ve gotten the automobile inventor.  :( Did have to work hard for the correct spelling of several of them.  :)  

  2. bklynchris says:

    I don’t (ahem, can’t) do non-multiple choice inventor trivia.  Unless they are all bio/chem/med sciences.

    Were it multiple choice I would so score!  …I think.

  3. JillK says:

    11/20.  Feeling really dumb that I missed Sikorsky and Benz because just last week I read a book about inventors to the kids at the library and they were both mentioned.

  4. I wonder what Alpaca tastes like???    (ducks and runs for cover)

  5. Timothy Reeves says:

    16/20. One I had never heard of, and I had no idea that he (don’t want to give it away) invented the adding machine.

    • Sam Archer says:

      I’ve actually heard of him, but didn’t know he invented the adding machine.  Kinda makes sense though given what I do know him for.

      • Timothy Reeves says:

        I didn’t word that very well. I had not heard of one at all (I had heard of all the other nineteen), and another guy (who I had heard of) invented the adding machine, but I didn’t know it was he who invented it.

  6. johnniek says:

    this is rad!

  7. Toxa says:

    Airplanes are self-propeled… The right answer is Santos-Dumont you imperialists ;-)

  8. Trey Roady says:

    What? No question over who invented the steam engine or the separate condenser!? Blasphemy!

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