Cool medical models from Japan


When I traveled to Japan last summer on a family vacation, we stopped at one of my favorite places, a toy store called Kiddyland. I really liked the medical models for sale there. I asked Max Hodges about them, and he found a source for them and now sells them on his website, White Rabbit Express.

4D Vision Medical Models


  1. Oooooh, those long fingers are almost sinister!  They should sell the left hand and make them fully so ;-)

  2. The sell these in the Netherlands at a large department store. I have the half transparent/half skinless guy and the skeleton, they are great artist references. They have inserts with weirdly religious descriptions, though.

  3. I got some similar ones when I was in Japan but from a gachapon machine for like 200Y.

    Still have ’em.

    Love gachapon machines too.

  4. Japan has all sorts of great science-y toys like this! 

    I just picked up my Hayabusa satellite model last week (nerd droooool!) 
    Kiddyland and Tokyu Hands were mentioned before – Village Vanguard is another good one!

  5. Lord knows I love me some Made in Japan awesomeness, and 4D certainly make cool things….but if anyone is interested in Made in the USA medical models check out Denoyer. Amazing, if a little pricy, stuff and made in Chicagoland!

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