Plant eats bird

This is a photo of bird being eaten by a plant.

According to a story from the BBC, it's not unusual for a carnivorous pitcher plant, such as this one, to get its "hands" on a frog, a mouse, or even a rat. But poultry is a rare dish.

The plants kill by tricking prey into investigating the pitcher, usually by offering sweet nectar. Once part of the way into the pitcher, the prey finds it impossible to climb back out. Then it drowns. And then the plant slowly dissolves it—Saarlac-like—over a long period of time.


    1. Because some people might not be able to look at pitchers of tits on the internet at work? 

  1. … Is the animal preserved somehow such as – not rotting ? would the fluids be antibacterial as well ?

  2. anybody else a bit terrified of this (in spite of the fact that i really like my chances vs. the plant)?


    “Feed me, Seymour!”

  3. Best crime scene photo ever.

    Also, I sent this to Maggie over the weekend and didn’t get credit.  And I work for BB.  So don’t complain to me about how your stories don’t get picked up.

        1. Further evidence that typing without serifs is a bourgeois propaganda tool of the cult of individualism.

          1. Only for those of us who grasp the existential importance of typographical purity. Decadent internet society has been corrupted by the word processor. Take heart, comrade, the revolution is patient and the One True Font will rise victorious!

  4. Tropical pitcher plants are pretty awesome in the literal sense of the word.  Any plant that can consume an animal gets my vote for most evolutionarily bad a## 

  5. I’ve seen this plant in Sarawak (Borneo Island) Malaysia. U know i am wonder how it digests the bird? How they get rid of the feather?

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