Scan of "They Crawl by Night" comic book story by Basil Wolverton


A fine, freaky tale from Journey Into Unknown Worlds #15 (1953). They Crawl By Night by Dan Keyes and Basil Wolverton


      1. No, he’s right. It’s much easier to do this than to actually engage and empathize. Preserves that vital self-righteousness so necessary to the congenitally correct.

        And, before anyone squawks about how “the Republicans” refuse to engage and empathize: congratulations. You’re just like them. And part of the problem.

    1. And real villains to the sophisticated mind.

      Though they never seem to outgrow those grasping pincers…

  1. “Crab People! Crab People!  Taste like crab, talk like people!”

    Tho’ when I think about it, both elephants and donkeys taste like…chicken.

  2. The link brought me to the same comic but did not mention republicans.  Why the difference?  

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