A little bit of exercise could have big benefits


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  1. RJ says:

    That’s why I got some burlap pajamas; so I’ll roll around in bed a little more than I used to. I’ll be peaking in no time.

  2. GreenJello says:

    A little bit of exercise could have big benefits

    But ONLY if you NEVER sit down again!  :)

  3. Evan G. says:

    My rats are going to be so happy when I tell them this news.

  4. PapayaSF says:

    I can attest to this. The idea of going to the gym for an hour at a time never appealed to me, so I started doing pushups once or twice a day about four months ago. At first I could only do five in a row, but gradually worked my way up to 25 at a time. This takes maybe five minutes a day, and my arms and chest are in visibly better shape. Not bad for an old fogey.

  5. grimc says:

    Well hooray for rats. Too bad I’m a sloth.

  6. clpolk says:

    I’ve felt better since I started riding my bike everywhere I go. it’s apparently less physically demanding than walking, but the action is so easy i bike distances i would never walk so I get more exercise.

  7. Ox317 says:

    Finally—a WORTHWHILE animal experiment!  

  8. querent says:

    SEXX MOARRR1!!!1!!!1

  9. CastanhasDoPara says:

    Indeed, I started with one new action a day, pushup, pullup, situp, etc. One at a time, and increased, n+1, distributed amongst my new actions. And today, about 6 months later, I look buff as hell. Shit I might even be able to take on Chuck Norris now.

  10. pambamboo says:

    What the hell is an “infection-induced memory deficit” which is what this research is specifically (and narrowly) about?  Maybe should have mentioned that part too, Maggie.

  11. GatoRanch says:

    The second I read anything that involves animals tests I lose all interest… and respect for the data.

    Test people, not rats. That’s the only way this could even apply to humans.

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