Amsterdam's American Book Center retailing WITH A LITTLE HELP

Amsterdam's excellent American Book Center is now carrying my DIY science fiction short story collection, With a Little Help, in its inventory; they've got a print-on-demand machine that'll print and bind a copy in any of the four covers (they'll also ship within Europe and abroad).


  1. ABC is in my top three bookstores. Didn’t know they had a Espresso station. Too cool! (But I’ll be sure and leave my credit card at home next time…the temptation of Principia Mathematica printed in Comic Sans might otherwise prove irresistible.)

  2. Oh wow, the American Book Centre!  Man that takes me back.  I still have a “loyal customer” tote bag from there when I discovered it on a school trip and subsequently blew 100 euros while my classmates looked at jeans.  Definitely up there with Robinson Crusoe in Istanbul and Pulp Fiction in Vancouver for me!

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