iPad cases made from Bernie Madoff's pants


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  1. TooGoodToCheck says:

    Did you miss your chance to get ripped off in connection to Bernie Madoff?  Frederick James is giving you one more chance

  2. theophrastvs says:

    I suppose, we may assume that his deeply deserving [eyeskyward] wife and family will be getting a substantial cut of the proceeds ..?

  3. Jean Vengua says:

    Having a piece of cloth that touched Bernie Madoff wrapped around my gadget? Eeew. Yuck. Not something I want to think about.

  4. PlutoniumX says:

    Yeah that’s pretty gross.  Can you pay extra for the pair he dropped a bomb in when he realized he was actually going to go to jail?  Is that the limited edition skid mark case? 

  5. Rafael Debes says:

    i would pay 5$ for that crap

  6. gives whole new meaning to junk market and insider trading

  7. ceviche says:

    I was hoping it was an article of clothing taken from Bernie after he was thrown in prison.  Know what  I mean?  “I’ll bet I can score a pack of cigs for this!”

  8. frankieboy says:

    If they were made of his hide, proceeds going to his victims, maybe.

  9. PrettyBoyTim says:

    In the UK, ‘pants’ means ‘underpants’.


  10. awjt says:

    If you send me $2500 now, I will send you one Bernie Madoff iPad case each year for the next ten years, and in good years I will send you two.

  11. BarBarSeven says:

    Nothing like a smelly “moth-bally-ish mixed with cologne-ish mixed with old man” piece of fabric to protect your high-tech gear!

  12. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Fonzie memorabilia?  I thought you said Ponzi.

  13. penguinchris says:

    Snark aside, I bet these will be really popular among the only people who can afford a $250-350 iPad case – Wall Street bankers.

  14. bolamig says:

    This is about as close as we come to trickle-down effect. 

  15. bolamig says:

    Monica Lewinsky would have made a cigar-holder and sold more.

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