iPad cases made from Bernie Madoff's pants

Frederick James, who makes attractive iPad covers out of "luxury rescued and vintage fabrics," purchased some of Bernie Madoff's trousers at auction. The cases he made from them cost between $250 and $350 each.
201108110938 In the Fall of 2010, Frederick James obtained a limited number of personal clothing items belonging to the notorious felon, Bernie Madoff, at an auction held by the US Marshals Service.   Madoff is an incarcerated American felon, former stockbroker, investment advisor, non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, and the admitted operator of what has been described as the largest Ponzi scheme in history.   Frederick James has used the Madoff clothing to create limited edition iPad covers. Each item of clothing has been cut up  to create a unique cover.

The Bernie Madoff


  1. Did you miss your chance to get ripped off in connection to Bernie Madoff?  Frederick James is giving you one more chance

  2. I suppose, we may assume that his deeply deserving [eyeskyward] wife and family will be getting a substantial cut of the proceeds ..?

  3. Having a piece of cloth that touched Bernie Madoff wrapped around my gadget? Eeew. Yuck. Not something I want to think about.

  4. Yeah that’s pretty gross.  Can you pay extra for the pair he dropped a bomb in when he realized he was actually going to go to jail?  Is that the limited edition skid mark case? 

  5. I was hoping it was an article of clothing taken from Bernie after he was thrown in prison.  Know what  I mean?  “I’ll bet I can score a pack of cigs for this!”

  6. If you send me $2500 now, I will send you one Bernie Madoff iPad case each year for the next ten years, and in good years I will send you two.

  7. Nothing like a smelly “moth-bally-ish mixed with cologne-ish mixed with old man” piece of fabric to protect your high-tech gear!

  8. Snark aside, I bet these will be really popular among the only people who can afford a $250-350 iPad case – Wall Street bankers.

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