Revised London Olympics logo, now with rioter!


17 Responses to “Revised London Olympics logo, now with rioter!”

  1. ChicagoD says:

    London, then Rio? For once the Olympics will be worth watching.

  2. You know, it’ll be tough trying to figure out where the torch is supposed to go, if the rest of the city is already on fire.

  3. jameslosey says:

    Hi Cory, the image, for the London Olympic Looting Team, is by Pure Evil Gallery:

  4. awjt says:


  5. spejic says:

    Oh No! I just bought a giant red ring on Craig’s List. I knew the price was too low to be legitimate.

  6. Drabula says:

    new medal event: 200 metre with Big Screen LCD Dash

  7. This reminded me of a remix I did for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics…

  8. Lobster says:


  9. Brad H. says:

    The photo is bullshit!
    The rings are interlocking. Only the next physical embodiment of Juan Antonio Samaranch can unlock these intertwined rings, and replace the symbol with corporate sponsorship.

    Toyota Presents:
    Games Of The XXXII Olympiad 

  10. B A says:

    This should be the official logo.
    Much better than that crappy what on earth is Lisa  Simpson doing to that man? design.

  11. peromyscus says:

    If they were really solid interlocking rings, they wouldn’t be able to fit them together, silly. Clearly there’s a break in each ring carefully hidden underneath the intersection of the ring in front of it. 

  12. Sam Ley says:

    Cory – Made this one just for you. Lighting the Olympic Torch from a burning automobile.

  13. Jason H says:

    Is that Eminen? Thug!

  14. ChicagoD says:

    Evidently some Londoners are . . . you know . . . rioting. Odd way to express their pride.

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