Revised London Olympics logo, now with rioter!

A bit of unsourced net.wit: the new London Olympics 2012 logo.

Update: Here's the original, from PureEvil.


  1. Hi Cory, the image, for the London Olympic Looting Team, is by Pure Evil Gallery:

    1. I think it works better as a symbol for the London Olympics as a whole, rather than as a symbol of Looting as an “olympic sport”. 

  2. Oh No! I just bought a giant red ring on Craig’s List. I knew the price was too low to be legitimate.

  3. The photo is bullshit!
    The rings are interlocking. Only the next physical embodiment of Juan Antonio Samaranch can unlock these intertwined rings, and replace the symbol with corporate sponsorship.

    Toyota Presents:
    Games Of The XXXII Olympiad 

  4. If they were really solid interlocking rings, they wouldn’t be able to fit them together, silly. Clearly there’s a break in each ring carefully hidden underneath the intersection of the ring in front of it. 

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