CC-friendly photographer offers free courses


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  1. Could anyone suggest a dirt cheap general purpose digital camera?

    I had a darkroom when I was 12.  (I hated the smell of stop bath. Blech.) Then I took a nap for 40 years. Now I don’t need one. Hey, way to go technology! (But I will say you young kids today with your Photoshop filters and yer jet-packs have no idea what *real* solarisation was like! )


    • The thing is, it’s a different art form, and suggesting that quality work is being produced by simply applying photoshop filters is just not reality.  We would see much more quality if that were the case, and I would suggest that the number of quality post production people is a fraction of the number of quality photographers.  

    • blacksmith_tb says:

      Quite a few of the tools in Photoshop make more sense if you’ve experienced their real-world referents, like dodge and burn, or quickmask if you’ve used rubylith, etc. 

  2. Palefire says:

    He looks like Rasputin.

  3. David Yoon says:

    “After nearly 15 years…Jonathan Worth gave up the advertising”
    That sounds like a lot of people in advertising.

  4. Bobsyeruncle says:

    Uh, that’s Alan Moore, isn’t it? *confused*

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