Listen to Perseid meteor shower


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  1. It’s been a great year for meteor showers, moonlight and all. I observed the Perseids two years ago and it was amazing! I’ve found great viewing information on this site: – Hope you all enjoy the show!

  2. scruss says:

    Ah, so this means that the 6m meter amateur radio band will be busy
    tonight, as 50MHz waves bounce rather nicely off meteors’ ionized

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I forgot about the Perseids, went out at about 0200 for a breath of fresh air and immediately saw two huge meteors.

  4. John Lilley says:

    You can hear distant meteors without any equipment, and the sound seems to propagate at light speed.  Search for example on “meteor sound pines” for an explanation.  The first time I heard this, my family and I were in Centennial Wy laying in the back of a pickup bed trying to stay warm at 9500 ft.  I said something like “hey you can hear them!”.  My wife, sensibly enough, thought I was crazy until she heard it herself.

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