Listen to Perseid meteor shower

Photographer Travis Morisse took this great shot of a meteor streaking across the sky near Hutchinson, Kansas.

Which reminds me, the Moon may obscure your view of the Perseid meteor shower, but you can still listen to the meteors. It's all thanks to NASA's SpaceWeatherRadio, which translates radio waves into sound. Radio waves are beamed into the upper atmosphere and bounce off of meteors. The "echo" of that is what you'll be listening to. It's eerie and fabulous. You can listen live, or check out recordings from meteor showers past.

Via Bad Astronomy


  1. Ah, so this means that the 6m meter amateur radio band will be busy
    tonight, as 50MHz waves bounce rather nicely off meteors’ ionized

  2. I forgot about the Perseids, went out at about 0200 for a breath of fresh air and immediately saw two huge meteors.

  3. You can hear distant meteors without any equipment, and the sound seems to propagate at light speed.  Search for example on “meteor sound pines” for an explanation.  The first time I heard this, my family and I were in Centennial Wy laying in the back of a pickup bed trying to stay warm at 9500 ft.  I said something like “hey you can hear them!”.  My wife, sensibly enough, thought I was crazy until she heard it herself.

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