Sponsor Shout Out: Watchismo

Our thanks to Watchismo for sponsoring Boing Boing Blast, our daily delivery of blog headlines to your inbox.

Watchismo is the first in the world to offer the latest XXL watches from the Diesel Franchise Collection including the unusually large 67mm Diesel DZ1460 Franchise Giant to the oversize 58mm Diesel DZ4215, DZ4216 and DZ4219 Franchise Chronographs. Available only at Watchismo.com. So many cool watches, so few limbs to put them on...


  1. That was seriously depressing.  I don’t have anything against Watchismo, and I can even live with a shout-out, but that was straight up ad copy.

    Here’s what that is: you are using a space that we have come to trust has good content, only to subvert that trust and use it to peddle stuff (and to tell people that small watches aren’t good enough).  Yeah, it’s your blog.  Yeah, I can choose to not read it.  But the whole point of putting ad copy in the body of the blog is that I can only realize it’s an ad once I have started reading it.  It’s hijacking trust, it sucks, and I really wish BoingBoing hadn’t gone this way. 

    1. I hear what you’re saying but give me a break. The first words in the title and the body of the post call out the that this is an ad. How long were you “hijacked” by the first few letters of those words before this horrible betrayal was realized?

  2. I read boingboing first thing after I wake up while eating my granola.  I suppose I need to start paying extra attention to the keywords so I don’t get a bunch of marketing drivel in my head.  That’s exactly what I’m talking about – I need to start distrusting the content on the site in order to avoid ads.  That sucks.  

    I guess after a decade or so reading this blog, I was pretty sure it wasn’t a PR-filled news site that required full filters on.  But it does now, and that’s too bad.  It takes energy to constantly be on one’s guard against advertising – it’s why it works.

    1. Boing Boing has had occasional “words from our sponsor” posts for several years now. They are very clearly marked as such. 

  3. I found the “shout-out” honest and appreciative! (I am not affiliated with Watchismo nor BoingBoing.net)

  4. Imag— As clearly stated above, the very first word in this post was, “Sponsor”

    Without sponsorship, donations, advertisers and generous patrons there ain’t no art, there ain’t no internet and the children’s bowls go empty.

    P. S. Watchimo is THE site for any horological enthusiast.

  5. I find this kind of thing, which is transparently a shout-out to an advertiser, preferable to the generic run-of-internet/remnant ads where we have little involvement in what ends up on the site. We have total control over it and the sentiment is sincere: these guys are exactly the kind of company I’d like the site to be supported by.

    When we ran our first one of these sponsor shout outs, it got a good reaction. So I think most readers feel the same way. We’ve covered them in the past and readers liked it. They’ve earned trust from us, and that trust makes me happy to put my byline on this post.

  6. I have no problem with clearly marked sponsor ads, but I just have to share my opinion that the whole trend of HUGE watches is really silly.  As is the tag line “So many cool watches, so few limbs to put them on…”  Ugh.

  7. I’ve noticed BoingBoing pushing a pro-watch agenda for a long time now, and I finally see why that that is.

    Who watches the watchmen?

  8. EH – The difference is the language.  It used to be something along the lines of, “This site is cool.  They have supported our site for a long time, and they have good products”. 

    What is posted is pure marketing speak.  It’s designed to make one feel bad – that one doesn’t have enough watches, large enough watches.  Avoiding or ignoring that is an emotional drain.

    I’m fine with the site advertising, fine with “Cool Tools”, etc. – because they are clearly marked as such.  This is just one more annoying thing to have to filter for.

    And pileofnearmisses – I don’t know how slowly you read, but it’s not like I’m scrolling my finger across every word – I pretty much grab a blog post in one block.  I generally don’t bother with headlines.  Now I have to, as everyone has so kindly mentioned.  I now have to start checking the headlines so I can be on my guard for key words that show me I need to stop reading RIGHT NOW.

    1. The “sponsor shout out” language has been used in headlines here for 3 years, at least. You don’t have to like it but it’s not new and feeling “betrayed” by a ~3 year custom doesn’t seem genuine.
      Boing Boing is not a free service at the moment: the price is encountering advertising. I think it’s a fair bargain, that’s why I come back and click the ads that interest me.

    1. There is a reason people no longer put their cars in their garages.  Garages are full of crap people don’t need and don’t use, and which will pollute this earth for tens of thousands of years.  I damn well do have enough watches.  I have one – it works great and doesn’t need batteries.  Why do I need ten?

      People don’t buy all that stuff because they are stupid.  They buy it because, as some of the commentators on this blog have so aptly shown in some of their posts, we are animals with exploitable behaviours.  People are poor at risk evaluation, which leads to bad security measures.  We are not good at slippery slopes, which is why bringing up kiddy porn allows legislators to push horrifying agendas on the populace.  And we are bad at restraint when we are told by people we trust that we really need some shiny new toys.  Being told that generates feelings of dissatisfaction and an endless feeling of need.

      The only way to get out of that feeling is to avoid the messaging.  I know it’s been brought up before, but I love what you guys do the rest of the time, and would gladly pay $50/year for an ad-and-spam-free site.  I would probably be a tiny minority on most sites, but my guess is that I’m less so here. 

      1. This is completely off-topic, but I suddenly feel the need to stick up for the garage-using people of America:

        I put my car in my garage.

  9. They have some neat watches, but I really wish they would give us more information about the movements. I mean, if they don’t say anything, it’s probably quartz, but it would be nice to actually know…

  10. Also, headlines are pretty good places for disclosure. I’m sorry you found it an inappropriate item, but stand by it and hope you can appreciate that not reading headlines is quite unusual (and a part of why you get “ambushed” by the copy)

    1. I would agree – if it was a paywall.  If it was just ad and spam removal, it’s pretty hard to argue with.  You either get free site as is, or pay site with no emotional neediness attached.  

      I realize that it makes the site harder to manage, but for a blog that is as conscious of these issues as boingboing, it seems like it could be worth the experiment.

  11. YMMV, but in regards to how often business, the bottom line, the acquisition of wealth, etc touch my life everyday, this is really not something that “seriously depresses me”. 

    I read the ad copy, I did not burst into flames.

    If you like watches, go to town.  I have purchased a watch from Watchismo in the past.  I was happy with the transaction.

    @imag, for you one watch works.  I have a few for different occasions.  A dressy one for more formal occasions, one for a more casual environment, and a tough one for rough situations. For me it is just like the fact that I don’t wear boots to (most) weddings, and I don’t rock wingtips in the woods. 

    1. I’m not sure why you need to tell me how many watches you want to have.  I understand some people like watches as jewelry.  That’s fine.  I’m not trying to say everyone should just have one.

      I’m saying that some of us realize that, whether we like it or not, we are susceptible to advertising, and would just pay a content provider instead of viewing ads.  Anyone who rents DVDs instead of watching Cable or Dish is making the same decision – they are paying something to avoid exposing themselves to (or wasting their time with) ads.  I was proposing that boingboing, as a blog that supports diverse business models, support that intention.

      1. I was responding to your comment “I have one – it works great and doesn’t need batteries.  Why do I need ten?”

        I don’t need ten, but I have 3, for the situations I mentioned. 


        1. You clearly do not understand how advertising works.  It is based upon layered messaging over time.  Just because you do not follow a short-term command does not mean you don’t respond.

          And to everyone – I realize that many people would rather be exposed to advertising than pay a dime up front – that’s not a novel truth.  I think the pervasiveness of it is insidious, and I think we are commonly willing to overlook the harm it does in the long term for short term benefit.  Some of you clearly do not.  Fine.  Enjoy.

          1. I think we all understand your point, but your example of only needing one watch sounds ridiculous to a lot of people, which PlutoniumX tried to explain (different watches for different occasions). I don’t think he was attacking your actual point, exactly.

            BTW I too only have one “real” watch, and it doesn’t need batteries. But, I change the band out when I come across a cool new one (right now I have a madras plaid fabric band) because I like to wear things that look cool.

            I do also have other watches, but they’re not practical ones – they’re for specific purposes. I have a “fun” fashion watch – made of bright purple rubber – that cost $10 which I wear when I’m having fun (I guess, I just wear it whenever I feel like it). I also have a 60’s manual-wind watch that looks super cool (understated cool) but is also dressy, so I wear that when I need to look more conservatively dressy than I normally do (e.g. job interviews). Thing is, it doesn’t work, it’s just for show :)

            So, I have one watch.

            I also like to look at the Watchismo site when it comes up here, because I appreciate nice design and they have the best selection of watches with cool designs that I’ve seen (ever browsed watches at the mall? they suck). It’s a “wonderful thing” like the other impractical but cool stuff that few people (if any) actually buy that get posted here.

  12. i like automatic watches
    intricate micro machines
    hummingbird heartbeats
    alive on my wrist
    even quartz is magical
    accuracy undreamed of
    100 years ago
    and valuable beyond price
    now 5 quid at the chemist
    if you want to get sucked into buying a lot of watches, forget about sponsors and advertising and these diesel (67mm!), fossil and tokyoflash fashion clunkers – go have a wander through the seiko forum on watchuseek, timezone or pmwf – see how long you can resist buying a yobokies modded skx007 or orange monster with plongeur hands, domed sapphire and bead blast – ooh, diamond-like coating
    but considering imag’s original point, there *is* a fundamental distinction between “regular” content and this shout-out post – wasn’t bb highlighting sponsor posts a while ago? see how it helped me not even notice them? maybe those were more like actual advertisements – in any case, a shout-out represents a different relationship between the editor and the content worth being visually distinguished – maybe color the headline green? or put a box around it? italics? an icon?
    hmm – for that matter, why not visually distinguish an array of categories? happy stories, sad stories, nsfw stories, science/engineering, social/cultural, arts/literature – each a different color or an icon so you could scan for what you are interested in – it’s not necessarily trite, look at slashdot


    imag has inadvertently read some ad copy, and now has advertising *in his brain*!

    give me a break…

  14. I’ve been getting the boingboing RSS feed for three-ish years now and this is the first ad I’ve seen. And it was clearly labelled as such (i.e. not some infotorial that you don’t know you’re reading until half-way through), and it’s about watches, which is related to my interests. So I read it. Pretty good ad satisfaction all-round there.

    People just do not like being sold to, do they? Everything’s got to be your own idea.

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