UK riots: Wall of looted store transformed into Post-It messages to looters

Local residents posted hundreds of messages on a looted storefront in Peckham, southeast London, on August 12, 2011. Associated Press: "Thousands of extra police officers were stationed on Britain's streets Friday, as the country faced its first weekend since riots raged through suburbs and town centers, leaving a scarred landscape of broken glass and torched buildings." About 700 people have been charged with violence, disorder and looting. "Hundreds of stores were looted, buildings were set ablaze and five people died amid the mayhem that broke out Saturday in London and spread over four nights across England."

(photos: REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth)


  1. Just like the Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver, the wall of shame appears.  Let’s put the energy into preventing riots from happening and not showing our compassion/forgiveness/unity after the event.  Shame the rioters, punish them, make them visible reminders that we will not tolerate violent (public) acts of disobedience. (excuse the grammer don’t want to be an authoritarian bastard)

    1. “we will not tolerate public acts of disobedience.”

      You may wish to re-evaluate this statement to read “violent acts of disobedience”. As it currently stands, you are saying that *civil* disobedience is not an acceptable form of protest, which would put you into the category of authoritarian bastards.

      EDIT: BBCode tags == DERP

  2. There is an underlying common sentiment that is hard to keep down these days, what with it becoming more and more evident every day that those at the top of the banking and financial systems are responsible for putting the world economy into crises and then forcing the rest of us to pay a painful price for it, all to their own greedy benefit.  

    Does that justify the British riots? No.

  3. It sure would be nice to put up the sticky-note board in the towns where the ruling class lives. It’s uncool for people to riot, but it’s also uncool for people to support and enact policies which exacerbate greed in the upper classes by exploiting rhetoric which disenfranchises and impoverishes those unlucky to be born with a certain skin color and/or economic standing.

  4. So this is were all the outrage lies?  Maybe these same people can get off their asses and start plastering notes all over the banks and other institutions that committed the largest crimes hurting by far the most people?  Nah… too much trouble… 

    1. News report: Victims of corporate criminals castigated by people with their head in the sand, Flim at 11.

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