CC-licensed music video seeks music, after being orphaned by the band

Brandon sez, "Earlier this year a friend and I produced a self-financed music video for a song we loved, with permission from the band. After several months work, we posted the video online, where it drew viewers for a week before we unexpectedly received a takedown notice from the band, who were reconsidering the rights usage for that song. Not wanting all of our work to vanish, we decided to turn this setback into a creative opportunity, and created They Call Us /Animals/. We've made the edited visuals of the film, without music, available for download, under Creative Commons license, for musicians, sound designers, and remixers to re-cut, use and share, in the hopes that these collaborations could produce even better works than our original video. I've also made an explanatory video for the project, with music courtesy of NIN's Creative Commons album Ghosts I-IV."

THEY CALL US ANIMALS . COM (Thanks, Brandon!)


    1. I get the feeling there is more to this – if they’d really gotten permission from the band, then how could the band enforce a takedown?

    1. Uh…yeah. I guess the idea of using bodies in an artful way is all played out now. (Doesn’t matter that the two have nothing else in common like lighting, composition, editing, etc., etc., etc.)

      So…what band ordered the take down anyway?  Somebody’s gotta know.

      1. Yah, like life drawing is totally pas’e, like totally played oh-you-tee. Or specifically, plagiarising Cunningham has already been stated and they have everything in common down to the blood.

  1. Can such a license be revoked at whim? Seems to me they were granted permission and should continue to use the license otherwise any license that is granted can be revoked as soon as the original artist sees that they can capitalise on it. Is this a reverse Streisand which just gives PR to the assholes that encourage or facilitate reasonable use and then wait for the moment to cash in and act like dicks?

  2. From images in that video it seems like the obvious music to remix it to is some classic 70’s porn music. 

    1. That’s all I could see doing with it. Or something completely left-field. It’s really visually limited in that it’s not very visually diverse. To me, anyway.

      But what do I know? I’ve never had the chance to get screwed over by (insert band name here).

  3. Oh, also, you bunch of lazy boingers, here’s the text from Brandon’s site:

    “You may recognize the song ‘Never Hear Surf Music Again’ by Free Blood, a
    local Brooklyn band, from Danny Boyle’s latest film ‘127 Hours’.”

    Let me save you some more trouble, the song is unlistenable at nearly six minutes long and sounds like a lounge version of NIN.

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