Cory at the Edinburgh Festival tonight, Reno WorldCon this week


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  1. Alistair Rutherford says:

    Hope you have a good time. Please come to the “second city of the empire”.

  2. novium says:

    I didn’t realize the world science fiction convention was going to be in Reno. Neat! The cost is far too rich for my blood, even if I wasn’t going to be chained to my cubicle all week, but that’s kind of cool. Anyone who is going: have fun! Avoid hwy 80, they’ve got the bit in town completely torn up. Check out the river walk if you need some fresh air; it’s one of the few parts of reno that aren’t completely hideous. And hey! You’re only a half-hour away from Lake Tahoe.

  3. moonmoth says:

    Cory, don’t be put off by the fact that Glasgow has the dubious honour of being the ‘Stab Capital Of Europe’. Its a big place. Unlike Edinburgh which you’ll no doubt see from the plane is a tiny blob of rock with a castle, a cobbled street and a serious drug problem.

  4. Callum Alden says:

    Welcome to Edinburgh Cory, go find a side street bar full of locals and enjoy a real pint. I’d personally recommend Nobles Bar in Leith. Superb late live music too.

  5. jeligula says:

    Edinburgh to Reno.  You spend a lot of time on planes, I’m guessing.

  6. Alf Melin says:

    Good talk tonight, I had no idea you were coming to Scotland until I saw this post to the marketing plug was useful :-) 

  7. Bought a ticket due to this post, then ended up not going due to my work against a deadline going too slow. A shame!

  8. Numbers inwords says:

    Planning on attending ‘The Psychogeography of Ideals’ panel. Was expecting ‘Richard Nisbett meets SF’ until saw the definition of ‘cultural software’ in the description and the restriction to urban space. I wonder whether we have data from study of SF content that correlates certain urban settings with author location or other more interesting factors for that matter.

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