Cory at the Edinburgh Festival tonight, Reno WorldCon this week

I'm about to fly to Edinburgh for a gig at the Edinburgh Festival, tonight at 8:30PM. There are still a few tickets left.

From there, I'm headed straight to Renovation, the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, where I'll be doing a ton of stuff:

Wednesday, August 17
11.00-11.45am - Author in the Library, Sierra View Library (off site), 4001 S. Virginia St, located in the Reno Town Mall across the street from the Reno Sparks Convention Center -- reading, autographing, and Q and A with library community, host: Christine Johnson

2.00-3.00pm - Reading, Reno Sparks Convention Center room A05

Thursday, August 18
8.55-10.00am - Stroll with the Stars, (off site) meet at Stroll Meeting Spot (Walgreen's parking lot, 3495 S Virginia St, about 5 minute walk north of Atlantis), will stroll down to Reno Sparks Convention Center, with Stu Segal, Bill Willingham, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Lawrence M. Schoen, Lauren Beukes, and Ellen Datlow

11.00am-12.00pm - The Psychogeography of Ideals panel, Convention Center room A04, with Renee Sieber, David Cake, and Ian McDonald

4.00-5.00pm - Futuristic Fashion and Wearable Art panel, Convention Center room D05, with Lauren Beukes and Gail Carriger

Friday, August 19
11.00am-12.00pm - Social Media for Writers panel, Convention Center room A03, with Tee Morris, Tom Negrino, Rose Fox, and Brenda Cooper

3.00pm - Future Media signing, Tachyon Publications table in the Dealers Room

5.00-6.00pm - The Future of Cities panel, Convention Center room A01 +6, with Ian McDonald, Gary Ehrlich, Lauren Beukes, and Kim Stanley Robinson

Saturday, August 20
11.00am-12.00pm - Autographing, Hall 2 Autographs (Convention Center)

1.00-2.00pm - KaffeeKlatsch, KK1 (Convention Center)

Sunday, August 21
1.00-2.00pm - Computer War and Cyber Forensics: Stuxnet - Cyberwar and Cyber Terrorism? panel, Convention Center room A03, with Brad Templeton, David Cake, Howard Davidson, and Helen Umberger

Hope to see you there!


  1. I didn’t realize the world science fiction convention was going to be in Reno. Neat! The cost is far too rich for my blood, even if I wasn’t going to be chained to my cubicle all week, but that’s kind of cool. Anyone who is going: have fun! Avoid hwy 80, they’ve got the bit in town completely torn up. Check out the river walk if you need some fresh air; it’s one of the few parts of reno that aren’t completely hideous. And hey! You’re only a half-hour away from Lake Tahoe.

  2. Cory, don’t be put off by the fact that Glasgow has the dubious honour of being the ‘Stab Capital Of Europe’. Its a big place. Unlike Edinburgh which you’ll no doubt see from the plane is a tiny blob of rock with a castle, a cobbled street and a serious drug problem.

  3. Welcome to Edinburgh Cory, go find a side street bar full of locals and enjoy a real pint. I’d personally recommend Nobles Bar in Leith. Superb late live music too.

  4. Good talk tonight, I had no idea you were coming to Scotland until I saw this post to the marketing plug was useful :-) 

  5. Planning on attending ‘The Psychogeography of Ideals’ panel. Was expecting ‘Richard Nisbett meets SF’ until saw the definition of ‘cultural software’ in the description and the restriction to urban space. I wonder whether we have data from study of SF content that correlates certain urban settings with author location or other more interesting factors for that matter.

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