The angel making Jacob hit himself

Anyone know the original author of this spiffing remix of The Angel Making jacob Hit Himself, Gustave Doré's 1855 woodcut? Update: Married to the Sea!


  1. It should be pointed out that the guy in question is Jacob (Israel), not Jason (who, being a Greek, would have nothing to do with angels).

  2. I was like “what?  Clearly this is Married to the Sea, how doesn’t Boing Boing not know that?”  Then I got to the update & took a chill pill.

  3. Jacob wrestled the angel, and made the angel hit himself. In retaliation, the angel made Jason (a guy that hangs out at the indie coffee house that Jacob liked but never went to) hit himself.

    The angel didn’t really feel any better afterwards.

  4. I, I, I, I am the Continental Principality of America!
    I, I, I, I am a bird of prey!!
    I, I, I, I am not touching you!!!

  5. “Anyone know the original author of this spiffing remix…”

    I think it was my brother, Allan, he used to do that to me when we were kids.

  6. Genesis 32: 24 says “So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak.” and 28 says “Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.” 
    It’s a story of one of Israel’s Patriarchs and what how he changed after wrestling with the Angel of God. The internet is full of misinformation but the worse are the ones that mock a people group while reinforcing prejudice. Why is Boing Boing adding to the noise??

    1. Everyone knows that angels, Israel, God, and the Bible are all SRS BIZNESS! >_< 


      Seriously, dude – **INTERNET**… haven't you caught on yet?

    2. Or that religion itself is a big misinformation, and its mockery a satire.

      I’m sure believers would think it’s pretty funny. It is!

    3. Until you cleared that up, I totally thought that was a real Bible quote. It was reinforcing my prejudices that angels make the Jews hit themselves.

  7. My humble opinion is that if a commentator quotes a source or report an event, he should get it right. I suppose some would not care about accuracy as long as what was said reinforces their opinions ;)

    1. Well, in this case, the source document (the cartoon made by ‘Married to the Sea’) is a parody on an existing picture (wood carving). Parodies are by definition not an accurate representation of the thing they parody.
      The original picture was probably accurately depicting what you said, but the jokers purposely misinterpreted as common childhood bullying behavior.

      I think even most Christians would regard this as funny.

    2. Please tell me you don’t think the creator of this cartoon is actually trying to convince people this is a real bible quote, or would ever expect anyone to believe that it is?

  8. We still haven’t worked out who made this exact version, as it is different from MTTS’s one and gets Jacob’s name wrong.

    What I mean is, we still haven’t worked out who to mock for their wrongness…

  9. When I first saw the entry, I mistakenly read it as “The angel making Job hit himself”, which would really just be so perfectly fitting for the story of Job, amirite?

  10. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the only documentation of the ensuing pink belly and the angel making Israel getting an lime Popsicle from the freezer without being allowed to have one for himself.

  11. And God said, “Let there be concern trolls.” And there were concern trolls.
    And God said, “Thou shalt make no funny jokes, for I am a cranky God.”

    1. You know, you really could offend someone with that. I’m not saying I got offended, mind you, but what if someone else got offended?

      1. “But what if someone else got offended?”

        Well that would just be the end of the world, wouldn’t it?

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