Hipster ipsum: filler text for your next design project


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  1. nosehat says:

    Heh heh!

    Although one good thing about using the standard Lorem Ipsum is that you can search for it in the final draft, just to double check that everything was properly replaced. 

  2. mccrum says:

    Lomo mixtape ethical scenester gentrify, mlkshk blog vice 8-bit quinoa.
    Freegan sustainable farm-to-table lo-fi mustache. Organic wayfarers
    dreamcatcher, lo-fi wolf gentrify you probably haven’t heard of them
    keffiyeh aesthetic trust fund salvia twee portland whatever DIY. Homo
    retro terry richardson cosby sweater mcsweeney’s keffiyeh jean shorts
    mustache, viral seitan. Dreamcatcher portland tofu, gluten-free PBR
    synth raw denim williamsburg. Trust fund four loko DIY salvia, etsy
    lo-fi 3 wolf moon skateboard carles. Bicycle rights before they sold
    out wolf squid, cardigan quinoa sartorial gluten-free cosby sweater
    brunch readymade vinyl letterpress art party.

  3. SamSam says:

    I see all the good stereotypes there. Although master cleanse? Isn’t that something that Hollywood celebs do? I didn’t know hipsters cared about the state of their colons…

  4. Is that a young Spock in the middle of the picture?

  5. BeaverBeaver says:

    I read once, maybe here, that dragon myths existed at the same time across many cultures that had no contact and the reason, assuming dragons are not real, was that dragons represented all of the dangers man has faced during evolution. Claws,Fangs,Scales,Wings,Fire. They were essentially the sum of all of our natural fears. I am starting to feel like “hipsters” are the same thing. Hipsters don’t own any of the individual things listed and many of them apply to all sorts of groups. It’s sort of like how Chinese dragons differ from European dragons. Someone who lives in New York has a completely different hipster in their head than someone who lives in Philly.

    I just wish the trend of classifying and commenting on “hipsters”would fade. I am starting to find it more annoying than the hipsters. My hipster dragon is anyone wearing flip flops and a scarf and/or wearing wayfarers.

  6. kongjie says:

    Couple notes. First, careful if you use this for a project as there are at least 2 NSFW words in there. Second, the advantage of the original Lorem ipsum is that, assuming you don’t know Latin, you don’t notice any individual words, so it disappears and you can focus on form. However, I should note that the actual hipster ipsum has more Latin strewn about and is not just hip terms.

  7. RJ says:

    Trying to read the entire ipsum gave me douche-chills.

  8. I love that Austin is the only city mentioned, LOL

  9. Brooklyn hipsters are rarely dressed that well…

  10. What no references to BlueBottle, Ritual, the Mission or Tartine?   …and I mean that ironically, btw.

  11. Brian Easton says:

    I don’t think that PBR is considered craft beer.

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