HOW TO: Spell with your fingers in different languages


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  1. Bradley Hall says:

    Could it be? ZH is The Shocker?

  2. James Hardy says:

    I know British Sign Language system of finger signing:

    Even though both the UK and the US hearing communities speak English, the national Sign Languages are completely different (the only letter in finger signing that is the same is “C”), ASL being closer to French Sign Language than BSL

  3. catgrin says:

    I only know ASL finger spelling and some basic words, but they have been useful if for no other reasons than for emergencies and to be polite. I tried to learn BSL spelling at one point, but it seemed so non-intuitive after learning the ASL letters at a very young age that I gave up quickly. 

  4. Wow…interesting, Lisa.  :o)))  Thanks.

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