New paper explorations by Nicole Aptekar

[photo by Nicole Aptekar]

Coilhouse has published an interview with artist, photographer and Syzygryd co-designer Nicole Aptekar, whose "New / Exploration / Paper" series recently opened at the Satellite66 gallery in San Francisco's SOMA district. Nadya Lev of Coilhouse describes the work as "Textured scaffolding made out of paper... spun cavities, spiraling angles and floating bristol-board islands... a mysterious, solitary logo consisting of circle and the letter X, reinterpreted in dozens of different ways."


  1. Great write-up! These pieces—which I’m calling “dimensional graphic design”—truly have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. As a testament to this, with the exception of a single piece, the show sold out entirely on its opening night. Fortunately I arrived before the rush, and was able to purchase one of my favorite pieces. (The one shown above, actually.) 

    Even better, Nicole is now beginning to explore using color in these works, to great effect:


    (I had been coveting that piece so badly, but it was sold before I arrived.) 

    Well, at least I’ll still get to see it pretty frequently, if you’re the buyer. :)

    Congrats to Nicole for an amazing, successful show.

    1. sf is my hometown, but i’m in edinburgh right now. san francisco is a tiny little weird place where people like to make things, but there are crazy people doing weird things all over this little blue rock.

      i don’t know. the internet may be from SF, but if it is, it moved out and got its own apartment a long time ago…

  3. “BoingBoing is based in San Francisco” yea, but when you live here, and personaly know 40% of the posters/commenters, it’s almost kind of magical, compared to the rest of the internet #^^#

    Also, fabulous work Nicole! They’re all so gorgeous! ^_^

  4. I find it pretty ironic on a blog seemingly obsessed with censorship and digital freedoms my relatively harmless comment about this piece was deleted. I guess “twee” and “pretentious” are bad words now?

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