Doctor Who corset

Hugh sez, "This corset was made by my good friend, Nikki Cohen of MayFaire Moon Corsets. It's designed to look like the TARDIS from Dr. Who. It may be the first corset that's larger on the inside than the outside..."

Mayfaire Moon "Police Box" Corset (Thanks, Hugh!)


    1. It’s a cybermaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, baby!

      Let me be the first to welcome our time-traveling visitor from 1997, i.e. the last time that joke was remotely funny.

    1. The BBC does not have the exclusive rights to the use of any image of old style London police call boxes. It’s not this young lady’s fault if you happen to inadvertently make an association between the old style police call boxes and a certain immensely popular television franchise. She has no control over your mind – at least none that she will admit to.

  1. Hey this is my corset, no I have not been to SpoCon this is the first time we had the whole ensemble together – it’s not doene yet we have to add the sound and lights

    1. Great sly British humor in that article. In addition though, the Tardis is not a real police box – as explained in the episode “Blink” the details of construction are not the same as the real thing (the windows are the wrong size, I think, and possibly something else). So by that argument, they’re definitely in the clear with this corset as the windows are all wrong :)

  2. Anyone wearing this anywhere Remotely geeky wouldn’t be able to move an inch because of constant photo requests, not to mention people making jokes about using their lasers to melt the structual supports…

    1. I walk around cons in chainmaille bikinis, I have turned down photo requests when I want to be somewhere, but you are correct I build in picture time when I am wearing this and other outfits

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