Thermal urinal Brundle-fly


Why settle for an ordinary thermal urinal fly when you can have a thermal urinal Brundle-fly? (by Trevor Elliott, via Book of Joe)


  1. Gaah! It’s hideous! I’d have to stand there for hours to pee that horrible face away and reveal the more pleasant one beneath it!

  2. Now let’s say a stream of urine falls on a urinal puck, which way is that stream going to roll off?  

    And now I’m by myself, talking to myself…  That’s chaos theory.

  3. The target-of-choice possibilities raised by this new technology will make many consider installing urinals at home.

  4. “I will say now, however objectively, that human urination…is inherently purging. It makes a man a king.”

  5. They should make these concave at the perfect angle to reflect the pee right back onto an unsuspecting guy’s pant leg.

  6. I also want one of these with a supermodel that slowly turns her eyes into Steve Buscem-eyes as you pee on her.

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