A brooch made of living beetle


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  1. KBert says:

    Bedazzled bugs… what will they think up next?
    Seriously, though, are you s’posed to feed and water your ‘jewelry’?
    And, while we’re at it; let’s come up with some catchier designs, huh?
    That looks like something no-one’s worn for, like, ages.

  2. Darrell Greenhouse says:

    It’s very cruel to the beetle. Just look at the video: http://nemo.cbp.gov/opa/videos/2010/bville_beetle.avi. I think the woman should have been sued for being a putz!

  3. JBarnes01 says:

    Hmm, straight out of “Nightmare Before Christmas” – Mayor had a nice live bolo tie.

  4. That jewel encrusted beetle looks vaguely like late-period Elvis emerging sluggishly from a downers stupor.

  5. Spitty Sumo says:

    poor little babies.  :(

  6. rhinokitty says:

    Ugh, rich people make me sick.  Let’s think of more ways we can torture
    animals and destroy the natural world as a way to conspicuously display
    our wealth.  Yuck.

  7. Chrs says:

    Having had some experience with ironclad beetles, if you’re going to choose a beetle for this they’re optimal.  Extremely desert-adapted, barely need water or food for very long periods of time, and remarkably well-armored.  Yes, it sucks, but would you prefer they killed them first?  That’s the typical method for beetle-based jewelry. 

    Unnecessary, but it’s no blood diamond.

    • GatoRanch says:

      “Yes, it sucks, but would you prefer they killed them first?”

      Uh, how about not do anything with them, but instead let them live their lives unadorned.

      This is horrid. Right up there with goldfish in 70s shoe heels and painted and bedazzled hermit crab shells.

  8. Alan says:

    I had a conversation with someone just yesterday about this.  He remembers them being sold in New York City some decades ago, and that the beetles were imported from Mexico.

  9. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Note to self: Do not brag about live cicada hair clips on BB.

  10. Eric Strathmeyer says:

    “Is it a fashion?”
    “More of a tradition.”

  11. williamftaylor says:

    This is true. It is not new at all…back to the 70′s when it was popular.

  12. bronwen culhane says:

    I remember reading a magazine article about actress Tina Youthers from Family Ties at least 20 years ago. In the accompanying photo she was wearing one of these. At the time I think she was in a heavy metal band or something.

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