More migraine headaches caused by cleaning products: from N=1 to N=2

Seth Roberts has an update to the piece he wrote for Boing Boing about a woman who cured her migraines by getting rid of cleaning products.
At Thursday’s Quantified Self Silicon Valley Meetup (where I gave a talk called QS + Paleo = ?), Alexandra Carmichael introduced herself with the three words “no”, “headache”, and “today”. About five days earlier, she had started having migraine headaches every day. Before that, she hadn’t had a migraine headache in a year. After the headaches began, her husband, having read my Boing Boing story(about a woman whose migraines were mostly from cleaning products), suggested that her headaches might be caused by theFebreze they had just started using. They stopped using it. Because it can linger in carpets, etc., they cleaned their whole apartment with vinegar and baking soda, to get rid of all traces. That’s when Alexandra’s headaches stopped.When they started using Febreze, one of their daughters became very cranky. After they stopped using it and cleaned their apartment, she returned to her usual self.
More Migraine Headaches Caused by Cleaning Products: From N=1 to N=2