People taking naps with stuff (big photo gallery)

A worker takes a nap surrounded by ducklings at a duck farm on the outskirts of Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, China.

What could be more satisfying than a nap? A nice nap taken while surrounded by piles of stuff. More photos of people taking naps while surrounded by stuff, below. (PHOTOS: REUTERS)

A rebel fighter in Libya sleeps next to a box of ammunition at a position in the outskirts of Zlitan, near Misrata.

A worker sleeps on a pile of cement in front of closed shops in Lahore, Pakistan.

North Korean workers nap on piles of fertilizer shipped from China on the banks of Yalu River near the North Korean town of Sinuiju.

A boy, with his face covered with an empty onion sack to protect him from flies, takes a nap in an open air vegetable market in New Delhi.

A worker sleeps on tangerines in a market in Siliguri, India.

A vendor naps beside packages of cabbages at a food market in Suining, China.

A vendor selling Chinese watermelons takes a nap at a wholesale market in Huaibei, China.

A vendor who sells tomatoes naps at an open-air market in Changzhi, Shanxi province.

A vegetable vendor sleeps in his roadside shop in New Delhi, India.

A boy sleeps beside fish heads as his mother works to extract meat from them, at a fish market in Jakarta.


  1. Brings to mind a work-mate. We crewed on a huge (104′) private yacht, all of us drunks.
    He’d regularly ‘disappear’, till we discovered his napping spot; in the damn chain locker.
    This was some major (like 4-5″) chain, in piles, yet he’d be all comfy. Beats me!

          1. Oh, I wish… the whole crew opening the hatch to the chain locker, and there’s our boy!
            Truth is we were all quite sloshed; napping = passed out cold.

    1. I used to sleep on the coils of rope between stations on the upper deck of the oceangraphic vessel I used to work on.

      This story only further reminds me of the importance of washing your food.  Some guy’s behind may have slept on it for hours.

  2. “Life is short, filled with stuff.
    Don’t know what it’s for — I ain’t had enough!” — Lux Interior.

  3. I’ve taken naps in walk-in coolers (filled with knishes) as well as office file storage rooms (filled with NYC women/infant/children care related paperwork).

  4. “I’ve taken naps in places you people wouldn’t believe. In attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve napped while C-beams glittered in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to nap.” Roy Nappy, Blade Napper

  5. Oh, how sublime napping on a pile of tangerines would be. It’s evidenced on that nappers face.

  6. My dad was a roofer when I was a kid and would often take me on jobs, I suppose to bond or something to that effect. Though I’m to this day acrophobic I somehow had no problem taking lovely long naps on the stacks of the shingles they’d stack on the roof’s apex.

  7. I have napped in many places and on more than a few jobs. Once in a cemetery where I ended up rolled onto a grave. On my way from work in Boston to school in Cambridge I would always nap until my stop which for years was the last stop. Then they extended the T beyond Harvard Square. I slept through the stop more than a couple times.

  8. I’ve napped in the backroom/office of a store on top of a pile of jackets. also, on the floor in the middle of a cash-wrap. in the storage loft of the same store. on a mall bench. in the food court of the same mall.

  9. Server rooms are dangerously nap inducing (nappy?).  The droning of fans and A/C vents, the hum of electronics.  So soothing…Zzzzz…..

    1. Your server room is too damn warm if you can nap in it; I always need about three jumpers if I’m going to be staying in hours for more than 20 minutes or so!

  10. I worked for a small coffee roaster, and sometimes got to work a bit too early, and napped on the green coffee sacks. Give it the ol Barista taint!

  11. A long time ago, at a party far far away I slept in a turned-off freezer. Why did I sleep in the freezer? Because the top of it was already taken.

  12. I slept on my wife’s labour bed when she was having contractions. The nurses and doctors were pointing at me through the window and laughing, I am told.

  13. Back in the days when I was fruit harvesting in Australia (as a very poor backpacker!) I used to be able to sleep like this. Every ten minutes I had to spare were spend sleeping, and I slept solid – even a kangaroo hopping by wouldn’t be able to wake me. True story!

  14. Also, that person sleeping next to the cabbages looks incredibly comfy. I want a basket to sleep in complete with a fluffy blankie.

    About to keel over from exhaustion at my office desk, no comfy nap basket for me :p

  15. I had to sleep over night on those bench/chairs at the Newark airport when my flight got overbooked. When I was half-asleep, I felt something draped over me so peeked open my eyes. Some lovely nightshift worker had come over and put a blanket on me. I whispered ‘Thank you’ but I don’t think he heard me. Nicest thing a stranger’s done for me.

  16. Hmm, is this perhaps inspired by the Big Picture feature on “sleeping” with the exact same theme, posted two days ago? 
    Attribution, perhaps?  

  17. Never been able to nap like that, except when i have pulled some kind of 24+ hour awake period. I guess i have the luxury of not getting bodily exhausted.

  18. i work in film and take special pleasure in napping on set.  i’ve napped
    in the hulk’s cave, cinderella mans flop house bed and in the victorian
    sewers of new york..

  19. am I the only one who thinks this isn’t cute, but very very sad indication of overworked and underprivileged people trying desperately to make the most of a horrible situation?

    1. am I the only one who thinks this isn’t cute, but very very sad indication of overworked and underprivileged people trying desperately to make the most of a horrible situation?

      Who wouldn’t want to be able to take a nap at work? And to be able to trust the people around you enough to feel comfortable doing it?

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