T-shirts inspired by Gibson's Sprawl novels


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  1. But where is my Blue Ant Christmas ornament?

  2. Rich Keller says:

    These are spiff, but personally I’m still holding out for a grey work uniform with an embroidered “Quine Org” logo on the breast pocket.

  3. CountZero says:

    Apart from a Blue Ant figurine and a pair of Gabriel Hounds jeans, I’d like a Maas Neotek tee, but the logo has to go diagonally across the front.

  4. Lobster says:

    Interesting, but they don’t really capture Gibson’s obsession with nipples.

  5. s2redux says:

    They’re def triff, huh?

  6. Wisconsin Platt says:

    Why do they never make these in the ubiquitous Business Casual Polo?  I’d love to show my affiliation with Tessier-Ashpool IT Department  polo, but it’s only ever T-Shirts.

  7. The Babylon Port one is mighty tempting. But I wanna know if Gibson is getting his cut before I buy one.

    • penguinchris says:

      Gibson (@GreatDismal:twitter) discussed these on Twitter yesterday with a couple people who mentioned them to him, which I would guess is where Cory caught wind of them. They’re unauthorized and he doesn’t get a cut, but he considers it a positive thing when people do things like this (especially if they’re decent designs that people will actually buy, though I don’t particularly like all of these).

  8. Charles Boulakia says:

    I don’t love any of these…  Besides, doesn’t anyone else think there’s something wrong with an ONO-SENDAI logo on an ipad case?  They’re kind of polar opposites to me…

  9. Nicky G says:

    The Tessier Ashpool AI R&D shirt is very tempting, I’m really curious if anyone would catch the reference.

  10. Chris Noto says:

    I’ve got one of the Chatsubo tees, given to me by a brother, as a Christmas present. No one has caught the reference, yet, in eight months of occasional wear. Sight.

  11. These don’t hold a candle to my favourite Neuromancer t-shirt:

    Excellent quality too.

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