T-shirts inspired by Gibson's Sprawl novels

Memetic Tees has a bunch of cute t-shirt designs based on William Gibson's classic Sprawl cyberpunk trilogy.

The Sprawl (via Super Punch)


  1. These are spiff, but personally I’m still holding out for a grey work uniform with an embroidered “Quine Org” logo on the breast pocket.

  2. Apart from a Blue Ant figurine and a pair of Gabriel Hounds jeans, I’d like a Maas Neotek tee, but the logo has to go diagonally across the front.

  3. Why do they never make these in the ubiquitous Business Casual Polo?  I’d love to show my affiliation with Tessier-Ashpool IT Department  polo, but it’s only ever T-Shirts.

    1. Gibson (@GreatDismal:twitter) discussed these on Twitter yesterday with a couple people who mentioned them to him, which I would guess is where Cory caught wind of them. They’re unauthorized and he doesn’t get a cut, but he considers it a positive thing when people do things like this (especially if they’re decent designs that people will actually buy, though I don’t particularly like all of these).

  4. I don’t love any of these…  Besides, doesn’t anyone else think there’s something wrong with an ONO-SENDAI logo on an ipad case?  They’re kind of polar opposites to me…

  5. The Tessier Ashpool AI R&D shirt is very tempting, I’m really curious if anyone would catch the reference.

  6. I’ve got one of the Chatsubo tees, given to me by a brother, as a Christmas present. No one has caught the reference, yet, in eight months of occasional wear. Sight.

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