Sponsor shout-out: Watchismo


2 Responses to “Sponsor shout-out: Watchismo”

  1. Britt L. says:

    I know this is a just a sponsor shout out, but I just had to mention what a huge fan I am of this company. I’ve ordered several watches from them over the years. They carry some of the coolest watches; some really way-out-there designs, and they regularly run sales that can score you a watch for a nice discounted price. I’ll always be a fan.

  2. SamSam says:

    I can’t tell if the numbers can be touched, or if they are still trapped behind glass. If the latter, it’s not that interesting, I don’t think. If the former, it’s really cool, but I can’t tell where the glass is and assume that the hands can’t just be exposed.

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