HOWTO make a metapizza out of pizza-flavored snack items

Kari Schuster constructed a "pizza" out of pizza-flavored snack-foods harvested from gas-stations and grocery stores. The process stained her fingers orange and clogged her nostrils with the "gentle aroma of fake cheese and tomato." She claims it was delicious.
It occurred to me that up until now I had been limiting myself to pizza only in its natural state. It was obvious what I had to do next — find as many pizza-flavored items as I could and turn them into a pizza.[Editor's note: Sweet Jesus.]
Eat —> I’ve Never Meta-Pizza I Didn’t Like (via Neatorama)


  1. I feel like BB is having some kind of contest to see what recipe can destroy my appetite the fastest.

  2. I gotta say I do really enjoy when people do things like this, just to see if they can do them.  Why make a meta-pizza out of junk food ingredients?  Because it’s there!

    (though I would never actually eat it :D)

  3. Ever notice how blatent junk food calls it “pizza” flavored and
    supposedly healthier food (ie Triscuits) calls it “sundried tomato”
    flavored? After a grueling yet not wholly unenjoyable taste test I can
    confirm *SPOILER* they’re definitely the same.

    In the words of Mitch Hedberg regarding butter’s superiority to margarine, “I saw through the bullshit.”

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