8-bit Zardoz

As I somehow missed this fantastic intro to a nonexistent 8-bit Zardoz game last year, perhaps you did, too! Animator Nick Criscuolo writes: "I realize the audio isn't entirely 8bit, more like 8/16 bit. Maybe more like Amiga game music than Atari or Nintendo. I just couldn't imagine it without the Zardoz voice." [VIDEO LINK. Submitted by jeans]


  1. Screw Troll 2. Zardoz is the greatest bad movie ever made. Also watching that 8-bit fake game opening makes me wish such a thing really existed.

  2. Funny, I just drew Zardoz last week for a movie flyer! Good to see him up and flying again so soon!

  3. Zardoz is a great movie, made better by the Dr. Who style special effects. Minimalist, obvious, special effects _can_ add to a movie the same way similar effects can add to a stage production.

    About the mankini – I’m tempted to suggest a re-imagining be made starring Sasha Baron-Cohen. But seriously, since everyone is on this re-make kick, Zardoz is worthy of one. Except not starring Sean Connery again – the mankini would be much less flattering on him now.

  4. Zardoz inspired countless wonderful youtube chicanery, such as this:

    and also this:

    But if you want to see the original trailer, it’s here:

  5. Hrm. Pretty sure that the sound is close to what some FM-equipped 8-bit machines could do, although the voiceover would be tricky without an additional PCM channel.

  6. I used to play this all the time, but I had to keep it on mute because if my parents heard that eight-bit voice screaming “The penis is evil!  The gun is good!” over & over, they’d freak.

  7. as a past owner of a C64 I will affirm that the speech is too good in this, much better than the mighty sid is capable of

  8. I’ve always wanted to stick the Zardoz head into the Fallout series. Battling Super Mutants on the DC Mall, or on top of Black Mountain would be much more fun with a giant head hovering above yelling about guns and penises.

  9. That is awesome! Although maybe it would have been better to base the music on the Zardoz theme, aka Beethoven’s 7th symphony, 2nd movement.

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