Libya's top-level domain, .ly, defaced by "Muslim Hackers"

Sophos "Naked Security Blog" reports that the Libya's *.ly top-level-domain was defaced a few hours ago by hackers, as rebel forces took over the Libyan capital of Tripoli and Gaddafi's regime appeared to crumble. The most widely used site on the Libyan domain is popular url shortener

[+] HACKED By Electr0n[+]
|~| ali monder |~|

bye bye Qadaffi
Feb 17 Libya

Greetz to
Dr.exe | Qnix | Rock-Master | LoverBoy | r1z
And All Muslim Hackers :)

(via @nytjim)


  1. A bit modest… Considering hacker are usually the type of people who would break into pentagon’s  systems just to put a giant penis picture on the homepage 

  2. Indeed, they have only defaced the web server of the .ly registrar, but not the .ly domain servers themselves.  (Yet.)

  3. Huh. It had never occurred to me that was on the Libyan domain. It was still there when I used it last night, but now redirects to :)

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