Mondo Cane director Gualtiero Jacopetti, RIP


6 Responses to “Mondo Cane director Gualtiero Jacopetti, RIP”

  1. Peter Zanon says:

    I don’t suppose anyone caught his death on film. That would be pretty fitting, I think…

  2. anharmyenone says:

    Netflix has his films. They’re great.

  3. DouglasLucchetti says:

    It’s remarkable how ‘un-shocking’ they are now, and how the theme song “More” became such a hit and eventually a standard of popular music.

  4. gedsudski says:

    Like an early “Faces of Death” type thing?  THAT is a mistake I’m not apt to repeat.

  5. wibbled_pig says:

    Dog World.. I guess maybe dogs had it harder, way back when.

  6. Kaleberg says:

    There used to be a section at Kim’s Video in the village called Mondo which had Mondo Cane, its lame sequels and other “mondo” movies. Of course, this one was probably the best of its kind.

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