Mondo Cane director Gualtiero Jacopetti, RIP

Film director Gualtiero Jacopetti, director of the pioneering 1962 shockumentary Mondo Cane, has died. He was 91. The trailer above may be NSFW. From the film's opening:
All the scenes you will see in this film are true and are taken only from life. If often they are shocking, it is because there are many shocking things in this world. Besides, the duty of the chronicler is not to sweeten the truth but to report it objectively.
"Gualtiero Jacopetti, Maker of ‘Mondo Cane,’ Dies at 91" (New York Times)

"Provocateur Gualtiero Jacopetti Dead at 91: Honoring the Man Behind the Mondo Movies" (TIME)


  1. It’s remarkable how ‘un-shocking’ they are now, and how the theme song “More” became such a hit and eventually a standard of popular music.

  2. There used to be a section at Kim’s Video in the village called Mondo which had Mondo Cane, its lame sequels and other “mondo” movies. Of course, this one was probably the best of its kind.

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