Paperclip weaponry

Flickr user Dan4th's friend Brett made these paperclip small arms: "My friend Brett makes weapons out of paperclips and glue. I use them to practice my macro photography on. We both win. And, ladies, he's single. ;)"

Brett's Paperclip Weapons (via Reddit)


  1. So much for my plans for in-flight paper organizing; how long ’til paper clips make the TSA ban-list?

  2. The tiny weapon that looks like an eggbeater…what is that one, and how would you maim and kill with it?

  3. Could use these to leave in mice cages in a lab, along with tiny fonted notices of the coming rebellion. 

  4. I want them all. Nao! I have no idea what I’d do with them though, I couldn’t display them anywhere because our horde of cats would probably attempt to eat them.

  5. Oh, this brings me back to when my cousins and I learned how to make bows and arrows from bamboo skewers and fishing line from an uncle of ours. And then later that afternoon my cousin shot me in the foot. Nearly half an inch in penetration meant no more weapons for us.

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