Alaska: Mother convicted of child abuse after taping "hot sauce torture video" for Dr. Phil Show

A mother in Alaska has been convicted of abusing her adopted Russian son by "pouring hot sauce into the crying child's mouth and not allowing him to spit it out for more than a minute," then forcing him to stand in a cold shower.

She staged the incident as an audition tape for a segment of the Dr. Phil show titled "Mommy Confessions," and ordered her ten-year-old daughter to record the video on a Flip handheld digital video camcorder.

Her bid for TV fame was successful: "Days later, she was on her way to Los Angeles to be on the show," and the episode aired in November, 2010.

The child is now in therapy for a psychological disorder.


    1. i think  this woman sincerely wanted help. her child had been (yet another) severely neglected child who would not respond like most children would. if you watch the whole doc phil (and believe i can hate on that man easily enough) you would see a woman sincerely reaching out for help. this is not a get famous its a… “this will make me look like a terrible person but its worth it if i can help my child” situation. 

  1. That’s when Beagley got the flip-cam ready, made sure there was enough hot sauce on the shelf in the bathroom and recruited her 10-year-old
    daughter to shoot the video, Franklin said

    It sucks to run out of bathroom hot sauce.

    1. That’s not even hot sauce! I have the lime chile variant in my fridge (couldn’t find my usual ‘Force 10’ local sauce) and I actually did drink it just because I wanted a hit of lime. It was about as spicy as a handful of Doritos. 

  2. my mom did this. we just ate it and asked for more, which incensed her even more. we were wicked, wicked children.

    1. My friend confessed to me a couple years ago she did this to her son whenever he cried. Now he’s in his early 30’s and an unemotional mess. 

  3. After probably living on water and boiled potato’s for his entire life in Russia, he just wasn’t man enough to handle our hot-sauce. 

    All kidding aside, I wonder how she “punished” her daughter. And, these children are broken and have significant issues, why would she take that on if she couldn’t handle it?

    Sadly, I can see him now, as a 40 year old man walking down the aisles of a grocery store and seeing bottle upon bottle of hot sauce and, either suffer a violent anxiety attack, or reach for one he hasn’t tried yet on his own unsuspecting victim. She’s possibly created a monster. 

    1. Excellent Point! 

      Does anyone know the time period from when the tape was first viewed by  the show and airtime? What if that terrified child ran away and found frozen in some snow drift? 

      1. He was prepared for that, the other part of her “disciple” program was ice cold showers for the boy.

        Dr. Phil, when this aired on the show, tried to distance himself from any involvement saying that his staff had nothing to do with the creation of the video and if they had they would have called the authorities…  but then he said this while she was on his stage and they were rolling the footage.  So we only have to report child abuse (or suspicions thereof) when WE film it ourselves.

        She was over the top and pissed off because the boy “LIED” to her about twirling a pencil in school.  She went to Russia, got a child and expected him to fit right in and be a cute display item for her.  Funny how kids behave like kids, and since he didn’t conform to her ideal he had to be corrected to do so.  Having money obviously does not make you a fit parent.

        She needs a place very far away from children, until they can “educate” her on how to be a parent.  Maybe if she had a mouthful of hot sauce followed by ice cold showers she would behave correctly.  Of course if society did that to her while she was jailed we’d be violating her rights and abusing her…

        Oh and because no one has mentioned it… Her husband is a COP.  And he knew about this.

        Someone explain to me again why loving gay couples can’t adopt children, but these people can?

        “”It is our feeling Jessica was doing the best she could … this is a very good, loving family,” Ingaldson said.”  Loving families do NOT DO THINGS TO HURT CHILDREN YOU LOUSY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN LAWYER.

        If this was her best, then her best isn’t good enough.

        1. She probably DID get hot sauced as a child which is where she got the idea that it was acceptable. I’ve heard people say that “hot saucing” used to be a common punishment in the southern states.

          1. We need to put her on a poster.

            I think hot saucing would end very quickly.

  4. Stayed tuned for Dr. Phil’s Munchhausen By Proxy reality show! Shouldn’t he be prosecuted for soliciting this kind of behavior? I mean, you can be arrested for taking a picture of a public building these days, how is it that this scumbag extraordinaire gets a pass?

    1. Sure that you don’t mean “Dr. Phil Mengele-By-Proxy”?  Mengele was a Nazi doctor.  Münchausen was a (fictionalized) Baron.

  5. This is heartbreaking all around. There’s no way I’m condoning Beagley’s actions, but to me they seem like a major cry for help in dealing with this little boy’s psychological issues. I wonder how much training and counselling adoptive parents receive when they take on children who are likely to suffer from reactive attachment disorder. Or if they’re sufficiently warned before adopting, so that they can make an informed decision before they take on this huge challenge. 

    Parenting is hard at the best of times. I want to believe that Beagley and her husband are just ordinary people who were overwhelmed by an incredibly difficult situation. More important, I want to believe that this little boy and his brother will eventually find some peace.

      1. I didn’t say good person. I said ordinary person. Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances — and I think that finding yourself dealing with a child with profound psychological issues is an extraordinary circumstance — generally don’t do very well. It’s the sad truth. 

        Please re-read the part of my comment where I said that in no way am I condoning Beagley’s actions. Or perhaps get thee to a reading comprehension course.

      2. Read the entire post, The post is about parents getting help with adoptive children (who commonly) suffer from RAD, Reactive Attachment Disorder: ”  I wonder how much training and counselling adoptive parents receive when they take on children who are likely to suffer from reactive attachment disorder”. 

        So it’s about “Get thee parents and child to therapy”. 


    1. Yeah I want to think shes not a horrible failed human either, but facts is facts…

      “Dr. Phil” producers encouraged Beagley to capture video of herself
      that showed she was an “angry mom.” Beagley is accused of forcing one of
      her sons to take cold showers as punishment for misbehavior, and making
      the boy swish hot sauce in his mouth for lying.
      The first tapes
      Beagley sent weren’t sensational enough to entice the producers, which
      prompted her to capture video of punishments involving hot sauce and
      cold showers.
      An expert estimates the water at the house would have been approximately 52 degrees — a temperature he described as cold water.
      claimed one of her adopted sons was out of control. The boy had been
      diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder, an emotional disorder which
      makes him act out. Beagley says she wanted to appear on “Dr. Phil” for
      advice on how to handle the child.
      In court Thursday, the
      children’s elementary-school teachers told the jury the children usually
      listened closely and understood. One boy’s kindergarten teacher, Olga
      Pierkarski, said the 5-year-old had no disciplinary problems, although
      says he had a short attention span.
      The teachers said Jessica Beagley never asked for help with disciplinary problems or for a referral for professional help.”

      She cranked the dial up to 11 to get a talk show host to help her.  She did not seek ANY help anywhere else from people willing to help.

      “The children’s first-grade teacher, Moira Van Alstine, testified
      Beagley told her she was going on “Dr. Phil” because friends told her
      she was an angry mom.
      Beagley allegedly asked the teacher not to
      report what she had told her. Van Alstine said she wasn’t sure what
      Beagley meant, but said she had an obligation to report child abuse and
      discussed it with her principal.”

      Overwhelmed is not an excuse that is valid.  Not seeking real help is not valid.
      Going on national television to get people to feel sorry for how horrible your life is because your child may or may not have a disorder (because other than Dr. Phil appointed people who has tested the boy?).  This is someone who wanted to be famous and get pats on the shoulder for being a good mom.  She is not a good mom, her husband is not a good father, and both of them should be barred from any contact with children.

      Being an angry mom means she isn’t responsible for her actions the anger is.
      She is the adult, she made the choice, she fails as a human.
      Its not my fault I shot the guy in traffic, he cut me off….  if you accept this woman’s claims you accept road rage as acceptable… because anger made them do it.  Anger made them put the gun in the car, anger made them pull the trigger.

      Personal responsibility is DEAD, we need to raise it from the grave and make people accountable for what they do and stop letting them shift the blame to outside forces.
      Oooh my baby is fat because of McDonalds… then tell your kid no McDonalds, stop pretending McDonalds has a duty to make sure your kid is healthy.

      1. She does something in the shower to him that makes his cry out in pain too.  :42  I’ll remember his “yelp” for the next few days. 

    2. F8ck her “cry for help”. She is an adult and he is a defenceless child. She is completely responsible for her actions here and your attempt to mitigate them is sickening. Have some standards. 

  6. I’m getting angrier and angrier by the minute! Dr. Phil IS a doctor and it is ILLEGAL for him not to report even SUSPECTED abuse immediately! Someone needs to view all the other submissions. And his license needs to be yanked, he traded it in for ratings and profit. 

    Dr. Phil You Full of Shit. 

      1. I’m tired of this!

        It is called the “Dr. Phil” show…Right? People seek “psychological” advice AND diagnoses AND treatment, short term and long term from him, right?

        Yes, a person can “retire” from one thing and not another. 

        1. I wasn’t defending him or his actions (if that was what was inferred), rather I was pointing out the fact that he doesn’t have a license to revoke, since he is unlicensed to practice psychology in any state.

    1. Well he does have a Master of Arts in experimental psychology, maybe he saw no problem? He also retired his license to practice in 2006, so essentially what he does is now classified as pure entertainment. I’m sure there is a disclaimer somewhere in the show credits.

    2. Yes Palomino – As a healthcare member he is MANDATED to report even suspected abuse.  I am hot about this.  I hope there is an investigation and I would love if his license is revoked.  This disgusts me!   Also, if this woman had done 5 minutes of research on Russian orphanages she would know that they endure severe child neglect/abuse.  They usually have dettachment disorders and need intense long-term therapy. 

  7. Seems like if one is making the choice of a “food-stuff” for torturing one’s children that Marmite might prove the better choice.

    (yep… go’n to hell for trolling an international bread-spread imbroglio via child torture. expect: “oh yeah? well it’s half the torture of you yanks’ !@#!’n peanut-butter!!”)

    1. Wouldn’t have worked on me; I was weaned on carrots and marmite.  Bloody loved (and still love) the stuff.

      Man up and take your salty brewing by-product!

  8. I’m sorry, but when I looked at her expression when she said “I’m not getting the results *I* want” the ugliness in her face made me want to puke.

    1. Reading your post almost made me puke too. You’re right because that’s what it’s all about, what she want’s. She’s a bully. 

  9. Adoptive parents typically receive plenty of warning regarding potential issues and how to deal with them. Orphans from Russian and certain nearby states often experience serious emotional difficulties. If it’s bad enough (it often is), professional counseling is advised.

    I don’t want to condone “hot sauce treatment,” but I will point out that the implied link between this unreasonable punishment and the kid’s “psychological disorder” is quite likely the other way around. Kids with severe attachment issues can act out in ways that can drive otherwise reasonable people to extreme (and counter-productive) measures. Hopefully rather than just being labeled as “evil,” the mother has been guided towards constructive counseling.

    While one must eye lawyers’ claims skeptically, Dr. Phil’s staff apparently coaxed the family into providing evidence of the mother’s raging antics. Who seems like the top candidate for prosecution?

  10. She seems like a loving, if slightly misguided and frustrated mother. To call this abuse is a stretch, IMO. Have we become such mollycoddlers that even the slightest form of discipline is regarded as abuse?

    1. Most people try to present themselves in the best possible light when broadcasting their lives to the world. If this is what she did on tape, imagine what she did when the cameras weren’t around.

    2. “Have we become such mollycoddlers that even the slightest form of discipline is regarded as abuse?”Parents are supposed to protect their kids, and look after them. Deliberately burning their mouths and freezing their bodies is neither of those things. And I should think that burning/freezing is a pretty twisted definition of ‘discipline’ in most people’s view.

    3. Sorry, but this is punishment, not discipline.

      Discipline establishes boundaries and natural consequences.

      Punishment is about pain and “might makes right”.

    1. No, they get to watch it for free because corporations pay to advertise alongside the child abuse!

  11. Actually I was taught punishment created discipline in me.

    Pain and “might makes right” were caused by anger and lack of emotional control.

    My parents were “old school” if you will.  I actually had to go find the “correct” switch to be spanked with.  That was far more psychologically stressful than the actual spanking.  If also insured I never acted out toward my parents again…

    I’m not condoning what she is doing, but there is a difference between physically holding the child down and force feeding him hot sauce and making him take it as a form of punishment.

  12. In reality, this lady does not deserve to have children for one fact, she just can’t handle it.  Each child is different and learns differently.  Some respond to yelling, which is the only thing this lady can do besides handing out quick meaningless punishments, which I would not consider abuse unless the kid had physical or mental damage because of how she was”mothering”.  She needs discipline just as much as the kid, and that’s why the kid ruling the roost. She sucks.

  13. Man, that’s sickening. All she’s doing is teaching that kid that she’s a monster who needs to be resisted in every way possible. She’s encouraging more of whatever bad behavior she’s punishing him for. 

  14. The husband is a police officer? I’m pretty sure *they’re* mandatory reporters as well.

    And come on people, “Dr. Philthy.”

  15. I’m getting angrier and angrier by the minute! Dr. Phil IS a doctor and it is ILLEGAL for him not to report even SUSPECTED abuse immediately!

    Actually, I understand “Doctor” Phil isn’t a licensed psychologist at all, just a television personality.

    1. I’m tired of this!It is called the “Dr. Phil” show…Right? People seek “psychological” advice AND diagnoses AND treatment, short term and long term from him, right?Yes, a person can “retire” from one thing and not another.

      1. I blame the Cosby Show… no really hear me out.
        There is no family problem or struggle that can not be fixed in 30 minutes and 2 sweater changes.
        We want the quick answers, the quick solutions – as long as they don’t involve us having to do anything for them.

        1. I agree. The sitcoms where they show or imply one of them’s in the bathroom, are the best, like All In The Family. 

  16. In approximately 18 States and Puerto Rico, any person who suspects
    child abuse or neglect is required to report. Of these 18 States, 16
    States and Puerto Rico specify certain professionals who must report but
    also require all persons to report suspected abuse or neglect,
    regardless of profession.

    Texas is among these states, so whether he’s a Doctor or a dirtbag, he’s a mandatory reporter in Texas.  I don’t know how the law works if dirtbag Phil is outside of Texas, or the abuse is happening outside of Texas.  As I read the California mandatory reporter rules, dirtbag celebrity retired psychologists are not mandatory reporters.

    1. Even if Dr. Phil doesn’t come under CA’s mandatory reporter rules, he still should have responded according to the advice he doles out on his website.

      The last item he lists under “What to Do If You Witness Child Abuse” is “Call your local family services office.”

      Dr. Phil would probably benefit from listening to Dr. Phil sometimes, e.g., “Dr. Phil believes that if you stand by silently while abuse is occurring, you are a party to it.”

    2. “Commercial film” and
      “photographic print processor”
      is any person who develops
      exposed photographic film into
      negatives, slides, or prints, 
      or who makes prints from
      negatives or slides, for 
      compensation.  The term
      includes any employee of such 
      a person; it does not include a
      person who develops film or
      makes prints for a public
      agency. (P.C. 11165.7(a) (29)).

    3. There’s a system of  Ethics, there are Ethics Boards and people get fired for ethics violations.

      Ethics: Under this general justification, persons have a duty to rescue other persons in distress by virtue of their common humanity, regardless of the specific skills of the rescuer or the nature of the victim’s distress.

      So, at the least, the cop is breaking some form of his employers ethics. And so is Dr. Phil. If someone acts in a way that’s not in the best interest of his employer, this is cause for termination. 

      True, You can’t get sued because you violate rule of ethics, but it’s powerful evidence against you. And, Dr. Phil has no problem telling someone of his show that they have “A duty, a moral and ethical obligation to do the right thing. Are you pickin up what I’m puttin down?”

  17. The important thing to remember here is: She got on the show! Who cares about the kid. She’s a star!!! Maybe she will get a reality show out of this experience. I can hardly wait.

  18. I got the teaspoon of cayenne for 30 seconds. Hot sauce would have been way more delicious. The shower thing is straight up enhanced interrogation. I would have devoted my life to anti-parental terrorism if I got the freezing shower treatment.

    If I had a kid, I’m pretty sure I could run a successful psy op against it without ever resorting to pain-based reinforcement. Does she want him to change his ways or confess to something he didn’t do?

  19. I finally remembered:

    Its called being a Mandated Reporter. 

    Is Dr. Phil a mandated reporter? Is he a “practicing Doctor” or just an actor? This is what charges will be decided upon. Let’s see:


    Who Reports? Legally mandated reporters include a wide variety of positions, which (some) are as follows:

    b. Health care personnel who are mandated reporters include:  a psychiatrist, psychologist.

    Dr. Phil: 
    1975: Bachelor of Arts in psychology.
    1976: Master of Arts in experimental psychology
    1979: Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology

    When Should “Doctor” Phil have reported? 

    Immediately by phone based on “Reasonable Suspicion”. Parental Indicators:

    •Is unable/unwilling to meet child’s basic needs and provide a safe environment.
    •Tells you of use of objects to discipline the child. hot sauce, 
    • Has unrealistic expectations of child.
    • Uses “out of control” discipline. 
    • Is unduly harsh and rigid about child rearing. 
    • Singles out one child as “bad,” “evil,” or “beyond control.” he’s being filmed by someone, right?
    • Berates humiliates, or belittles child constantly. If she’s willing to film it…
    • Is impulsive, unable to use internal controls. “I’m not getting the results “I” want. 
    • Cannot see child realistically, attributes badness to child, or misinterprets child’s normal

    VIDEO EVIDENCE I WOULD USE TO REPORT: (disclaimer, I am a mandated reporter, I hold a license and a certificate in mental and medical health services)

    1. Someone is holding the camera. 
    2. Uses “We” multiple times instead of “I”. 
    3. States Kid “s”.
    4. Irrationalises “the child’s expressions” and determines  them to be”challenges”. 
    5. She only used “I” when expressing dissatisfaction about the situation and how it affects her: “I’m at the end of my rope” and “I’m not getting the results I want”. 
    6. “We’ve tried a lot of difference things to punish the kids.” 
    7 .”He’ll turn and look at you like, is that all you’ve got, is that all your gonna do to me?” | not, “please don’t do that again” or “I give up”. She’s the adult and decides to accept this behavior as a challenge so the punishment escalates |
    8. “I’ve had him do jumping jacks before, it works for a little while until he’s completely exhausted.” (
    9. “When [he] lies  we put soap in his mouth {don’t spit it} it had no effect so we went to hot sauce” |same scene| “When (he) get’s a cold shower” and child “yelps in the shower | We?, “get’s”, what “effect” does she want? She wants instant gratification and results from the punishments. She also stands guard over him and he “yelps/cries out” while she is reaching in the shower |
    10. Yelling and standing guard/physical force/dominating as a “reinforcement” during the actual punishment. 
    11. “(He) is the biggest stress in my life”.  ( On a personal note, I’m very disturbed by her terminology “–we went to hot sauce”. “Went?”, not “tried”, “attempted”, “moved to” “thought of”,”‘heard of”?  There’s a casualness about it that I find dark and evil, like a hunter trying to finish off an injured deer “So we went with a more powerful weapon” )

    1. Your numerated list there really hits on the things that were bothering me the most. I’m *sure* this woman doesn’t HATE the child or WANT to do horrible things. IME most abusive people don’t! That doesn’t mean they aren’t being abusive though. 

      The “is that all you’ve got” remark… yeah… that…

  20. This video wouldn’t be so sad, except when you realize that there are millions and millions of people who raise their children like this. Millions of people who were abused in myriad ways as children, who grow up to pass the abuse on to their children. Then it becomes tragic.

    Treat children with respect. If you tell them to blindly follow orders, you are raising them to be slaves who will, as adults, blindly pull the trigger when ordered to do so.

    I can’t think of a single better way to save and heal the world than to RAISE CHILDREN PEACEFULLY.

    1. You’re right, She never says anything positive about HIM having a good life, the video is about HER having a good life. Some parents have the horrible mindset that they have to “put up” with their children. Well, sorry to say, most children have to “put up” with their parents.

    2. I hate double-posting, but I had to mention that this particular type of discipline has been recommended in the past by parenting ‘experts’. The most notable one for me, at least, is the woman who used to play Blair on ‘The Facts of Life’ Lisa Whelchel. 

      1. “Experts” used to talk about locking kids in rooms, hitting them with switches, belts and many other things that aren’t exactly accepted today.

        And if your taking parenting advice from Blair, you have some serious issues.  There are much better sources many have educations.

        What is not hot to you might be volcanic to someone else, everyone has different levels they can handle.  To dismiss the child crying and this woman’s behavior because its not that hot to you is ridiculous.  I’ve seen people who sprain an ankle and crumple like a ragdoll, and others hobble along, and some don’t really seem to notice.

  21. It’s extremely difficult to find information and support in coping with children with a psychological disorder – even for people with the best resources.  No fan of Phil, but happy the child and family got help – it’s not easy to find for children with psychological problems.

  22. Gee I just filled his mouth with hot sauce and made him hold it there.  Then you shoved him in an ice cold shower.  And now your looking at us saying… Why won’t he love me, why won’t he respect me.

    Why will I end up alone, why won’t the grandchildren come see me, why do they never call.

    Everyone is pointing out this psychological problem –
    Did he have it BEFORE she started abusing him?
    The teachers didn’t think so.
    Or is this just the trendy diagnosis we use on children ripped from foriegn countries who don’t always act like mom and dad want?
    Look at the number of kids on Ritialan and tell me its right for all of them.

  23. Reactive attachment disorder

    RAD arises from a failure to form normal attachments to primary
    caregivers in early childhood. Such a failure could result from severe
    early experiences of neglect, abuse,
    abrupt separation from caregivers between the ages of six months and
    three years, frequent change of caregivers, or a lack of caregiver
    responsiveness to a child’s communicative efforts. Not all, or even a
    majority of such experiences, result in the disorder.[5] It is differentiated from pervasive developmental disorder or developmental delay and from possibly comorbid conditions such as mental retardation, all of which can affect attachment behavior. The criteria for a diagnosis of a reactive attachment disorder are very different from the criteria used in assessment or categorization of attachment styles such as insecure or disorganized attachment.

    happens in a vacuum… she can have no fault in this… and the sky is pink polka dots.

  24. Dr. Phil failed something much more important.
    The John Stewart BE A F##KING HUMAN test.

    Viewers called in on this woman, but their leader didn’t bother?

  25. A lot of people seem to be ignoring this part:

    …and ordered her ten-year-old daughter to record the video on a Flip handheld digital video camcorder.

    I’m pretty sure that forcing your daughter to watch and video you abuse your son (or anyone else, really) also counts as child abuse.

    1. I mention it a couple times, she says “we” and “the kids (children)” a couple times. 

  26. There is no family problem or struggle that can not be fixed in 30 minutes and 2 sweater changes.

    To be fair to Dr. Cosby I think it was actually Mr. Rogers who started that myth.

    1. No Mr. Rogers taught us to change shoes and put on a sweater when we came in.  He also taught us to imagine our problems and use our imagination to think of solutions.

      Dr. Cosby had children who sometimes did horrible everyday things, and they were solved in under 30 minutes.  There was no carried over anger, it was solved and it all worked out.

    2. Name his children and wife and one episode where he sat with one child discussing that one child’s problem. Never. 

      Go back, way back, like Leave it to Beaver or The Andy Griffith Show. 

      I vividly remember the first T.V. show I watched were things didn’t  follow the formula  Hill Street Blues. 

      1. I was referring primarily to the Mr. Rogers-instilled belief in the healing power of sweaters. I suspect the man was in the pocket of Big Wool the whole time.

  27. This isn’t torture, it’s called “enhanced parenting”.  Besides, Alberto Gonzalez signed off on it so it’s ok.

  28. Jumping jacks, cold showers, total compliance, all the screaming – it’s bootcamp.

    Perhaps discussing it as just abuse is missing the issue. This is authoritarianism. This woman is not in control of herself or the kid but she wants to control this little guy lower on the ladder. Seriously she can’t tolerate the kid twirling a pencil or lying to her primed for a meltdown face.

    Please help me Dr. Phil you’ve been controlling people and dictating what they are allowed to do. I’ve seen it on TV for 20 years now. What’s your secret?

  29. I know I’ve posted a lot, but all of his misinformaition is one reason why this stuff continues, it has to stop. 

    This is not a “state by state” issue. It falls under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

    Reporting by Other Persons
    In approximately 18 States and Puerto Rico, any person who suspects child abuse or neglect is required to report. Of these 18 States, 16 States and Puerto Rico specify certain professionals who must report but also require all persons to report suspected abuse or neglect, regardless of profession.6 
    6 Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

    Dr. Phil and his entire staff are Other Persons. I don’t know if they are required to report if the abuse is happening in another state but that’s what they’ll hide behind and the fact the there was a “police officer” in the home. 

  30. I…don’t get it.  As punishments go, that’s nothing.  I’d rather have had a dose of hot sauce then plates broken over my head like my champ of a mother.  It’s just some freakin’ hot sauce.  Is it worse than soap for cussing or talking back?       

    1. ” It’s just some freakin’ hot sauce.  Is it worse than soap for cussing or talking back?”

      Yes. Because soap didn’t hurt him enough and she wanted to find something that hurt him. And please don’t compare punishments, the point is what is worse for one person may not be worse for another. I’d rather have plates smacked over my head than loaded guns pointed at me, for instance.

  31. Dr. Phil doesn’t hold any kind of medical degree, so he’s not a “doctor” in the ordinary sense of the word. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology. But of course, he presents himself as if he were a “doctor” even if he doesn’t actually come out and say anything straight-up false about being one. His license to practice psychology lapsed in 2006.

  32. If we need to pass a driving test to have a car, we should need to pass a printing test to have kids. Same reasons too – both parents and drivers are able, through their actions, to significantly and directly impact the lives of others, who have no choice in the matter.

  33. All you commentators judge with almost no information. And you are all so righteous. How can you? All you see is one side of the story. I do not know the reasons why she seeked advice from a tv show and not from a regular doctor. I do not know if that punishment was routine. I do not know why her husband is not involved in it. I do not know how desperate her situation was. I am not sure if she seeked advice because she knows that such punishment is harsh (hence mommy’s confession). How many of you commentators had the courage to adopt a child and how many of you have a child that suffers from such disorders? Have you ever dealt with such a child?

    1. Her friends told her she was an angry mom, she sent a tape the the Dr. Phil show.  It wasn’t angry enough SO SHE MADE ANOTHER making her daughter film it.

      She never spoke to the teachers about any issues like this, and infact tried to get a teacher to ignore anything her children might have told her about this.

      The disorder was not diagnosed until AFTER the show, we do not know by whom.  And if you read the description of the disorder HER ACTIONS COULD HAVE TRIGGERED IT.  Why oh why won’t you love me like your supposed to?  Here is another mouth of hot sauce until you love me.

      The boys “CRIME” in causing this tape to be made?  He was “sword fighting” at school with pencils and when she confronted him about it he did the kid thing and lied.  He didn’t slap her, he didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t call her any of a long litany of horrible names most of us would call her, he goofed around at school and then tried to avoid the blame.  She was into a full blown rage because he dared to lie to her, something little kids do when they want to avoid getting punished…. and seeing how she punishes, you doubt he had good reason to lie to her to try to avoid hot sauce, cold shower, and something off camera that made him scream?

      IIRC she had done ZERO research into any of the well documented stories of children from Russia having disorders and things.

      She reached out to a talk show for help.  She avoided teachers, doctors, mental health help, and any of a large number of things to reach out to help for.  She had to get on the show because the show will tell her she is ok and make the boy all better.  She is a failed human.  This wasn’t an isolated aberration in her behavior, this is how she rolls.  She has been found guilty in a court of law of child abuse, so society has decided SHE WAS WRONG.

      And yes it does take courage to adopt children, it also takes commitment and research.
      And the disorder is a convenient excuse that she was just making a oopsie that he forced her into doing.  If a child can force you to do something your not doing your job as a parent.

    2. In fact, I’m really disgusted with your reply. No, I have no children of my own. I will not because I have taken a realistic appraisal of my abilities and realized I fall short. That is responsibility. And yes, if you are taking on a kid there are ALWAYS risks that the child might not be easy to raise. Well, you are the adult and you make that choice. Your comment disturbs me the most though because it borders on being permissive of the abuse of the mentally ill. So what? If the person is sick enough and unable enough to cope with reality I guess that means you just have to dominate them until you break them in? Stick to shoes, not people.

  34. I hope the morning news report I heard is wrong…
    That CPS went to the home and saw no reason to remove any of the children.

  35. The worst part for me is that the indicators were there all along, even before the kids came into the picture and society keeps telling itself “She’s just crazy, it’s not our problem”.
    Until she tortures a child.

  36. I don’t know. Taking kids from the home and into foster care can be extremely traumatic in its own right. A lot can be accomplished with lots of intervention and help. This seems like a problem also with one person being left with too many children to take care of. It seems she really can not handle it.

    1. Hopefully they did find a reason to assign a case worker to help.
      But that social safety net is overwhelmed and underfunded.

      I guess my real worry at this point is if she gets jail time, she will come back and blame the child.  It would be nice if they could get her help and make her better, but I can’t help but expect the system to fail and there to be something tragic in its wake.

  37. I don’t know who got it worse.  The kid she was torturing or the 10-year-old who had to film it.

  38. Is the issue that pain was inflicted on a child in the wrong way?  Hitting, beating with a switch, paddling, etc would have been OK for a given infraction, but hot sauce (pain but no tissue damage) is wrong?


  39. This is a battle of wills between two children. When ma spanks the kid, he looks at her like “Is that all you’ve got?” She takes that as a challenge to her “balls.”  She’s gonna show him a thing or two, in a way that doesn’t permanently scar him, physically, at least. Children grow up to hate all adults and all authority figures when they use their power and their size to oppress the child. She’s storing up a big comeuppance for herself. Her kid will some day be bigger and stronger than she is, and if she’s not available to receive his wrath, he’ll undoubtedly find others to serve as serial substitutes.

    Actually, on a subtler level, the world is full of not-quite-grown-up kids hammering each other for abuses they received from others.

  40. This could sort of be like To Catch a Predator. Tell abusive parents to turn in videos of abuse and you’ve got ’em!

  41. My cousins got the “wash your mouth out with soap” treatment when we were little and got caught saying a bad word. All it did was make sure we never swore *in front of* my aunt. Behind her back, well, it was on.

  42. Just have to bring this to BB. My kids asked what did she give him? Tabasco? That hurts?

    Southern LA. Dif world.

    PS. Goes great with boudin and eggs. 

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