Happy Hot Dog Man

[Video Link] The Happy Hotdog man will enhance your life. When combined with the Ketchup Kritter and Mustard Monster, it will utterly transform it.


  1. Ahh.  The ubiquitous black and white shot with the sad horn “wah wah wah”.  Always a welcome addition to any paid ad.  All it needed was the circle with the line through it to REALLY drive home that the hot dog you’ve always loved takes away years of fun from your life.

  2. My friends with kids have been making these for years with just a paring knife.  Kudos to whomever thought to build a unitasker for doing the same thing (and (maybe?) make money off of it).

  3. So I can spend $10.99 for something I can do just as easily with a knife for the one time that the experience will be a novelty.

    Then again the only hot dogs I eat nowadays are the 50 cent IKEA hot dogs while my wife is looking for the next piece of puzzle furniture for me to assemble.

    1. Yeah, no one over the age of 9 should be putting ketchup on a hotdog. I thought the Happy Hot Dog Man looked like the Golem of Prague or some robot from a Crash Corrigan serial.

  4. Now I want to see the anti-hot-dog-man tool because with those legs and arms sticking out, how is it supposed to fit in a bun? wah wah waaaaahhhh…..

    1. Now I want to see the anti-hot-dog-man tool because with those legs and arms sticking out, how is it supposed to fit in a bun?

      Sounds like you need the BunSuit Maker! ($10.95 + S&H)

  5. Showed this to my kids and my son’s response was “Well that’s just stupid.  Who really makes the bored face when they get hot dogs for dinner?”

  6. I love that they ship you a set of four just in case your entire family needs to make hot dog men at exactly the same time. “Synchronize wieners… NOW!”

  7. So many things to say… I’ll restrict myself to:

    It’s sort of confusing that the “Happy Hot Dog Man” is the device itself, instead of the output. They should really be selling a “Happy Hot Dog Man Machine”.

    This actually reminds me of what happens in math class when we talk about “the function x^2”. We’re confusing the machine (the function that converts a number to its square) with its output (the square).

    It all comes back to math! :)

  8. These “happy hot dog men” look suspiciously like minions of Cthulhu.

    Also, the Ketchup Kritter appears to be vomiting blood on your food. I don’t even want to think about what the Mustard Monster is spewing out his nose.

  9. Who doesn’t want a “Ketchup Kritter” barfing on their food? These would be much better for Creamy Italian salad dressing…

  10. You can make the hot dog man into a girl? How happy can he be? Should kids really know how to do that?

  11. “WOW, it still tastes like over-spiced liquified hog rectums, but it LOOKS like. . . well . . . kinda like a human figure, what an improvement!  And don’t get me started on how much I enjoy mustard better when it comes out the nostrils of a cartoonish ghoul!  Next up, a buttocks attachment to put over your relish jar– just “pinch one out” over your hot dog man!  Great family fun!”

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