Shaken East Coast of US braces for Hurricane Irene

East Coasters, now that you're shaken? You may as well get stirred. Hurricane Irene threatens the Eastern Seaboard, and populations throughout the Caribbean may be hit hardest: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and islands in the Bahamas.

(via Ned Sublette)


  1. It could be worse, the earthquake and the hurricane on the same day, hah? Wouldn’t *that* of sucked: “Earthquake, run outside! No No, Hurricane!! Aieeee!”

  2. We need more cities with names like “Cape Fear.”

    If that curve continues Irene will bean Long Island. Growing up, that was an excuse to drive to the beach and lean into the wind blowing in from the ocean.

    1. While Cape Fear is a tuff-ass name, it isn’t a city but a …cape. The name is one of the oldest English place names in the US, coming from the Roanoke Colony voyages (1585) where they had a treacherous time rounding the cape in heavy weather.

      This has been your North Carolina History Minute; now back to The Andy Griffith Show.

      1. Indeed, and sailors who decided to forgo Cape Fear in favor of a safer, warmer port found themselves in sunny Cape Rape, an area well known for its production of the rape crop.

  3. The bias in this climate prediction is disgusting.  This storm track is just alarmist grandstanding to get more funding for the liberal academic researchers.  The models are completely flawed, and this could just as easily change directions and hit Arkansas.

  4. Authorities with FEMA have stated that the agency is preparing for the worse case scenario and expect to be on the scene sometime in early 2015.

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