Shaken East Coast of US braces for Hurricane Irene


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  1. kP says:

    If we relocate the FLEET WEATHER CENTER from Norfolk to Mobile, can we redirect the storm?

  2. Utenzil says:

    It could be worse, the earthquake and the hurricane on the same day, hah? Wouldn’t *that* of sucked: “Earthquake, run outside! No No, Hurricane!! Aieeee!”

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    We need more cities with names like “Cape Fear.”

    If that curve continues Irene will bean Long Island. Growing up, that was an excuse to drive to the beach and lean into the wind blowing in from the ocean.

    • Franklin says:

      good way to get blown INTO the ocean…

    • frogmarch says:

      While Cape Fear is a tuff-ass name, it isn’t a city but a …cape. The name is one of the oldest English place names in the US, coming from the Roanoke Colony voyages (1585) where they had a treacherous time rounding the cape in heavy weather.

      This has been your North Carolina History Minute; now back to The Andy Griffith Show.

      • Lobster says:

        Indeed, and sailors who decided to forgo Cape Fear in favor of a safer, warmer port found themselves in sunny Cape Rape, an area well known for its production of the rape crop.

  4. James B says:

    The bias in this climate prediction is disgusting.  This storm track is just alarmist grandstanding to get more funding for the liberal academic researchers.  The models are completely flawed, and this could just as easily change directions and hit Arkansas.

  5. EH says:

    I hope Boehner winds up liking his FEMA trailer.

  6. tp1024 says:

    Obligatory XKCD comic:

    And no, I can’t help it either nor do I feel particularly good about it.

  7. LILemming says:

    The week after?  Cats and dogs living together.

  8. xzzy says:

    I demand a google maps image with NYC run through photoshop’s twirl filter. Animated.

  9. Morrigan says:

    Har har har.  Stupid earthquake scared the sh*t out of me for 20 or so seconds.  Hurricane?  Bring it.

  10. CaptainK says:

    Authorities with FEMA have stated that the agency is preparing for the worse case scenario and expect to be on the scene sometime in early 2015.

  11. Franklin says:

    it’s coming right for us

  12. Oh, good, a disaster we’re familiar with!

  13. Little John says:

    Life on the U.S. east coast is apparently like a Bond martini: Shaken, not (yet) stirred.

  14. Lobster says:

    At least the earthquake created a couple of natural drains.

  15. awjt says:

    Now it’s aimed straight at New England.  Ugh!!!

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