Funny stickers on a London Underground subway train

100 1342

100 1357

James sent me these photos some time ago, and I just found them again. Robert Anton Wilson would have had a good chuckle seeing these!


      1. I just don’t think that they’re very well thought out. The modern equivalent of  ‘My other car is a Porsche’. And at £2.50 each they’re hardly ‘smashing the system’.

  1. Cattle carts? Aren’t those like rickshaws pulled by cows? I would pay ten times the price of a Tube pass to take a cattle cart to work every day. It would be awesome for people working at the stock market!

  2. they’re not that funny given the San Francisco public transport (BART) police’s  actual execution of Kenneth Harding for fare evasion, which just happened a months ago, the most recent in a string of cops killing people (usually black men) on public transport.

  3. How wrong of the British people to follow in an established tradition and not consider the actions of a single cities public transport authority, in another country, which never made it into British news, we should be ashamed, how dare we not be aware of everything happening in the great and mighty America. ripley, on behalf of all Brits I sincerely apologise. 

  4. The idea is amusing, but is there a reason behind the poor grammar?
    Also, @ripley you make it sound like he got shot for being black not having a ticket. That is obviously not the case.

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