Junkbot flying saucer

From the Boing Boing Flickr Pool: a glorious junkbot called the "Scout Ship for Landfill Art project" from CyberCraft Robots.

Scout Ship for Landfill Art project - Industrial and Found Object assemblage sculpture from CyberCraft Robots


  1. I wonder if I can attach a gas feed at the top, and have it come out of the little exhaust nozzles…

  2. Story on robots? Of course, I’ll comment! Always in awe of junk art, but turning them into awesome robots. Uber Awesome.

  3. http://www.Landfillart.org is still looking for more art submissions created on or from hubcaps. I did mine a year or so ago, and they sent me a very fine piece of chromed steel to paint on. It’s an awesomely large art project and I think their goal is a thousand or more art pieces.

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