Skeleton aprons

I love Neatorama's skeleton kitchen aprons -- just the thing for cooking while you're on a diet.

Skeleton Apron


  1. Hmm.  Illustration taken from an old textbook, quite nice.  Now, how about some real dissection scenes on the front of these things?  Dexter things up a little!

  2. You can tell by the shape of the pelvis: the female pelvis is lower and broader. The ones in the aprons look too high and narrow for a woman (unless it’s a matter of orientation in the drawing, but it still looks masculine).

  3.  Diana Kreider, if that was for me, I didn’t mean photos, I meant drawings.  Have a look at Grey’s Anatomy (the book is much better than the TV series) and you’ll see what I mean.
    And Calimacita is right, once you’ve seen a male and female skeleton together, it’s obvious.

    And, I’m just being picky here, Imagine if it was enlarged 10% so the clavicles weren’t even in the picture, ribs matched, thighs and legs.  Then, put a little cthulhu where the heart should be……

    OK, I’ll stop now.  Off to buy a Dexter shower curtain and bathmat…..

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