How to make a spike-knuckled butyl rubber glove wired to discharge a disposable camera flash cap across the spikes

[Video Link] Sean Michael Ragan says:

Responding to criticisms that their new no-trolling-allowed policy lacks teeth, Hack a Day writer Jack Buffington threw down the gauntlet Monday, announcing that, henceforth, anyone leaving a nasty comment about one of Jeri Ellsworth’s projects will receive a visit from the Pain Fairy. He even showed interested readers how to build the Pain Fairy’s weapon of choice, viz. a spike-knuckled black butyl rubber glove wired to discharge a disposable camera flash cap across the spikes.

How to make a spike-knuckled butyl rubber glove wired to discharge a disposable camera flash cap across the spikes


  1. Awesome. And evil.
    I guess this proves that those two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Bet you a loonie we’ll start seeing this on rioters soon enough.

    1. On rioters or used on rioters?  I’m pretty sure that sets of “Pain-Compliance Gauntlets of Internal-Affairs-Approved Force” would sell like hotcakes from anywhere that accepted PD purchase orders…

  2. Congress is writing legislation as you read this banning rubber gloves, flash cameras, tape and people named Vlad.

  3. not been so disappointed in a project in a decade
    shuffles off to wire himself up to his Violet Wand and shake hands with victims

  4. It is a matter of some mystery how the hackaday comments section managed to come by such a virulent selection of trolls; but it certainly has.

    The only thing that would make this particular vengeance-weapon sweeter would be including an arduino for no terribly good reason. Nothing drives the hackaday peanut gallery into a frothing rage quite like somebody having the temerity to build a project around an arduino, rather than doing it the harder way…

    1. How about using an arduino to trigger the camera so you can take a picture of the victim as they get shocked.  That would take this from being an evil project to an EVIL++ project.

      1. You know, I was looking at this and some how imagining the contact point to trigger the camera + flash (somehow mounted on your shoulder) to not only hurt your attacker (or victim, as the case may be) but you also get a photographic souvenir of their pain.

  5. this is painfully awkward to watch, kinda cool though. definitely considered a weapon so careful using it…

  6. Not to be Mr. Negativity here, but I’m been bitten by those disposable flash caps (working in a camera store)…and at best it is like getting stung by a yellow jacket.  It’ll get your attention, but it ain’t gonna do much to slow down a possible attacker.

    Now, obviously this was designed and written in a jocular manner and wasn’t designed to be a true weapon or anything.  Just pointing out a minor flaw if anyone thought it could actually be used to hurt someone.  (Note, I suppose if you had a pace maker that might be a problem.)

    1. Yeah, if Our Hero’s reaction is any yardstick, this is a perfect weapon to make your attacker flinch and giggle and say, “Ow, that smarts.”

    2. The words you’re searching for are “Lack of Capacitance”…I think…
      It’s not just the power source that produces the semi-lethal shock of a taser, its the capacitor array that makes the weapon what it is, and how it can hold and discharge voltage rapidly.

  7. Looks like the spikes would cause more pain than the shock. Dump the complicated camera and wiring. Punch harder. 

  8. Mark that has to be the most incomprehensible headline I’ve ever seen on Boing Boing, admittedly the whole thing is a bit hard to pin down but I would’ve gone with something along the lines of “Fisty Spark Boom Boom” as opposed to that monstrosity. 

    No I don’t care that yours actually makes sense.

  9. This seems like a huge waste of material. Throwing away the film was sad. Couldn’t someone buy a cheap stun-gun or something and hack it in a similar way? Maybe the flash has a unique way of discharging and it’s the only thing you could hack this way

  10. I just love the “high voltage” statement. High? from a disposable camera? those things that have 2 AA’s in them? Yeah it’s the capacitor for the flash but you’ll leave a more permanent mark from those spikes. Mainly reminded me of the anti- cyborg shock gloves from Ghost in the Shell, only scaled down much much more.

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