Colorful baseball bats


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  1. siloxane says:

    Of course, the pristine whiteness of those handles is going to be ruined just as soon as you get some pine tar on them.

  2. Scooter Jackson says:

    bet those look tight with a matching adidas tracksuit

  3. KanedaJones says:

    I wanna red one and a blue one for the next time the cryps and the bluds start shooting in my town and run outta ammo.   make them fight it out medieval style instead.

    wait a minute now all I can imagine is “the warriors”

  4. Daniel Ewing says:

    these are so much nicer than those lame hand painted axes.  A bat you would be proud to prop behind the front door.

  5. Our bats may look pretty (why shouldn’t they) but rest assured they are real deal rock hard finely crafted and as balanced as an angels ass. We built these for ballplayers but we dont mind that they are being picked up by people who appreciate good design 

  6. Wicked! I want the blue one. Just like a box of crayons…too bad the white handle wouldn’t be that white after a few trips to the ball park with my Jedis in training.

  7. the handles are raw unfinished wood. pine tar is beautiful.  

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