Han Solo in Carbonite ice-molds

ThinkGeek has added to the vast canon of housewares and edibles that pay homage to Han Solo in Carbonite with varisized hancarbonite silicone ice-molds.

ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray


  1. When I first saw the pic, before I read anything I thought it was a counterfeiting mold.
    For making counterfeit Han solos in carbonite.
    Also, has anyone else noticed the increase in star wars product placement/mentions on tv shows lately?

  2. Is there a way to make dark ice cubes that don’t make your drink black as they melt ? Doesn’t seem easy…

  3. Proud to say that my wife bought this for me earlier this week… at our local comic store, natch!

  4. These seem to be selling out everywhere. I put an order in last night through a seller on Amazon.

  5.  Cory! For the love of god! Look at the “previously” box! Half of your posts involve things frozen in carbonite! Enough with the carbonite! There’s more to live than freezing things in carbonite!

  6. Does anyone else think this glorifies imprisonment? I know it’s just an ice cube tray, but it would be like buying a bar of soap in the shape of a slave ship. It just doesn’t quite feel right.

    1. Not only does it glorify imprisonment, but it demonstrably displays an insensitivity to prison rape and the problem of Correctional Officer unions manipulating the voting landscape, not to mention gerrymandering. Would that everyone was as vigilant as we.

  7. Forget the ice… can it take the temp of melted chocolate? This is the important question

    Edit… yes it can.

  8. “I can’t see.”

    “Your vision will return in ti— wait. How many of those did you drink?”

  9. Got them on tuesday. It’s every bit as awesome and worth it. I needed new ice trays. So hooray.

    After hurricane nightmare Han Solo Jello shots are GO.

  10. When I was a kid I would take my Han Solo figure and drop him in a cup of water, then put it in the freezer. Pull the cup out later, run under warm water, and viola. 

    Then my mom sold all my Star Wars toys (including the Millennium Falcon – http://theswca.com/images-toys/figuretoys/falcon.html) and sold them at a yard sale. It still pains me to even think about it. 

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