List of scienceers on Google+


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  1. billstewart says:

    En masse.   And according to Eric Schmidt, Google Plus is an identity service, not a social network – why would we expect to find news there?

  2. Thomas Huber says:

    Thanks! – signed with my google+ identity service account.

  3. Manny says:

    So if I put my name in the spreadsheet (as instructed), then a bunch of other people will be adding me as a science resource? What if Google checks my diplomas and yanks my account for being a fake scientist?

  4. Giles says:

    This is very, very, very resourceful/neat.

  5. Camp Freddie says:

    Nice. I’d add myself, but:

    1) Not sure I want my email address on any spam-firendly lists.  My g-mail is pleasantly spam free at the moment.

    2) I’m not an academic (see also 3).  I’m at the coal face, rather than the cutting edge if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor.

    3) Nymwars.  Most importantly, I’m not sure I want people to know who I am, or link my ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ opinions. Also, I may give complex opinions on controversial subjects like animal testing, so I don’t want insane activists digging up my gran because I failed to comprehensively condemn it. I admit the risks are low, since I’m not some vivisectionist (unless pond life experiments count as vivisection), but why risk retaliation for a social network I hardly ever use.

  6. Tzctboin says:

    Such a shame, I deleted my account a couple of days ago (no, you can’t have my real name).

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