Cat meets balloon cat


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  1. millie fink says:

    Not too hard to guess the end of that story.

  2. benher says:

    Dude. Spoiler, but he kills the fuck out of balloon cat.

  3. hahaha. someone please make a gif of this, from hiss to pop.

  4. -v- says:

    There can only be one.

  5. joeposts says:

    I’m kinda surprised he didn’t take a nap on the balloon afterwards. It looks like the crinkly kind.

  6. Sekino says:

    “I wonder if it’ll be friends with me? Hello ca… *POP*”

  7. xzzy says:

    The most important question: where can I get balloons like that myself? I have two cats to torment.

  8. penguinchris says:

    Those balloon animals cost like $10… whoever came up with those must be rolling in cash because kids apparently love them (you *always* see kids who managed to convince their parents to buy one, if they’re sold in the vicinity of wherever you happen to be) and cats apparently make quick work of them.

  9. Ohh NOES!!!! He killed it! :-(

  10. Jorpho says:

    Remember that one really old Sesame Street bit, in which this nifty little cat made of wooden blocks is moving around on its own, and then a real cat comes along and knocks it over?

    It was one of those things that made me really sad as a kid.

  11. Gonçalo Alegria says:

    This video disproves the simulation argument.

  12. hahaha check out the right hook.  BAM.  Dead balloon. 

    Show that mylar who’s business, Burt.

  13. obeyken says:

    Kind of reminds me of Darth Vader nudging Obi Wan’s robe with his boot after the duel.

  14. lknope says:

    I liked the part where the cat popped the balloon.

  15. C is for Cat, a balloon-popping threat
    A is for Angry, which cats sometimes get
    T is for Tube, which You put cats on
    S is for Sides, they hurt thereupon.

  16. chrisspurgeon says:

    “Who’s lighter than air NOW, bitch?”

  17. jpnewyork says:

    Let’s goad our cat into defending itself against what it clearly reads as a threat, then laugh maniacally at its confusion!
    oh my sides!

    • BurntHombre says:

      Yes, because life and cats must be taken VERY SERIOUSLY AT ALL TIMES!!

      • xzzy says:

        I figure that, from the cat’s perspective, it was a bit of a boost to his self image.

        Sure he was freaked out initially, but once he realized that the foul beast could be destroyed with a single swipe of his claws, he felt a lot better.  The cat even looked curious once the balloon stopped moving. 

        I suspect he found some clean laundry to sleep on and spent the rest of the day dreaming of felling legions of enemy cats like a scythe fells wheat.

    • agthorn says:

      Wow, buzzkill. My cat also thinks a fuzzy blue ball is a threat too…?

      Also, ‘its’.

      • princessalex says:

        jpnewyork used the correct spelling of “its.”  I’m not sure what’s going on with all the apostrophes in your version, though.

  18. Ramone says:

    We need a slo-mo version.

  19. dculberson says:


  20. Todd Alcott says:

    Cat Balloon, I love that movie.  Lee Marvin won an Oscar for it.

  21. Dan Baxter says:

    For a second it was difficult to tell which was the over-inflated bag of gas.  Somebody put that cat on a diet.

  22. Alexander Boxerbaum says:

    Hmm, cats have an uncanny valley, too! 

    Or is it the unkitteh valley?

    • billstewart says:

      My cat’s meeting with the uncanny valley:  The toy animals in my house mostly look like tigers or lions or dinosaurs, and the cats have normally thought of them as pillows for cats to sit on, not as animals.  But a couple of years ago we got a rescue cat who was about three years old, and one day there was a different tiger on the bed that was shaped more like a cat than a cartoon tiger, and he saw it and freaked out.  He pulled his ears back, looked really worried, and gradually snuck up to it.   It didn’t respond, and he sniffed it and didn’t smell a cat, and he poked it and it didn’t respond, and he gradually figured out it wasn’t a real cat so he didn’t have to worry about it, and by now it’s just another pillow for him to lie down on. 

      There’s also a toy cheetah that purrs (with the recorded purr of a real cheetah), and he likes to knead on that one and has burned through several sets of batteries), but he also kneads on pillows that are the right texture.

  23. kernkraftwerks says:


  24. Islington says:

    “Let’s goad our cat into defending itself against what it clearly reads as a threat, then laugh maniacally at its confusion!
    oh my sides!”

    It’s usually wise to choose your battles. Why you chose this one is beyond me.

  25. Mister44 says:

    See – this is why we are running out of helium.

  26. irksome says:

    Fast-ass cat, good job.

    As it walks away, you can hear it say “Now I’m gonna shit on yer pillows, damn Pinkies!”

  27. GIF. Not. Satisfactory. Enough. Must. Have. Super Slo-Mo. Replay!

  28. ill lich says:

    “Your helium-filled plastic bladder is no match for my carefully sharpened claws and (ahem) cat-like reflexes!”

  29. Nylund says:

    After a bad car accident, my wife brought me a stuffed animal of a red panda.  After I got home, I set it down and the darn thing tormented my real cat (I’m guessing it looked quite a bit like a raccoon to her).  She’d stare, hiss, keep her distance, etc.  One day she finally mauled it and felt like quite the victor.  Now she loves to charge it and play fight with it…now that she knows it doesn’t fight back.  It’s actually one of her favorite toys now and she’ll meow and beg for me to get it out for her to kill.

  30. Hilarious, is there any other way that could have ended?  I like the purring noise that continued after it was obliterated.

  31. ackpht says:

    Bert did adopt the head-low defensive posture initially, but he didn’t growl or put his ears back, so I’d say he was puzzled, but not frightened or upset. He gave the inflatable intruder fair warning with the hiss, but it kept coming- so the balloon asked for it, and Bert (admirably fast for such a big kitty) merely obliged.

  32. Bliss says:

    Don’t diss big cats, of the three sterilized of my four, Kalimba, the largest, is very agile and strong, and can climb and do anything any other cat. Btw big cats are common, specially operated cats. It’s not an “epidemic”, and normally needs atention only if the cat is morbidly obese, or into old age

  33. jennchlebus says:

    Unkitteh valley. Boxerbaum! Stealing my thunder! Nicole will be hearing about this…..

  34. I didn’t ask to be president of balloon kitties, the balloon kitties demanded it!

  35. rattypilgrim says:

    I hate pet videos that have the sound of the person filming LOLing not to mention calling her pet cat an a-hole. Just film it already and we’ll be the judge of it’s hilarity quotient.

    • Brewer_ME says:

      I’m pretty sure she was calling her boyfriend an asshole- otherwise a David Attenborough voice-over wouldn’t have been too much.

  36. Juta Stokes says:

    The amusing thing is that the cat now overestimates his own slaying abilities.  If these people introduce a new cat into the house he’s going to be seriously confused when the intruder doesn’t pop on his first swipe.

    Also, I have five cats.  I want to see the reaction when I bring five balloon cats into the room…

  37. francoisroux says:

    Oh man, that made me giggle…

    That was so funny! I wish my wife would let me have a cat…:-(

  38. communi_kate says:

    This should be a series. I for one would totally watch Real Rhino vs. Balloon Rhino.

  39. Vengefultacos says:

    The only thing that could have made this better is if the cat had gotten a lungfull of helium and emitted  some munchkin-like victory meow.

  40. Alex Dunn says:


  41. Mark says:

    My three year old son is dying right now. From laughter, not cancer.

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