T-shirts replace band names with scientists and thinkers

Screen Shot 2011-08-31 At 2.29.44 Pm

The Monsters of Grok t-shirt line is funny. (Via Liz McLean Knight)


  1. You have to admire the balls of a company that’s willing to tussle with the legal reps from the Beatles, Van Halen, Wu Tang, Danzig, and Metallica all in one go. Good luck you crazy kids!

    1. The best part is it seems to be just one guy, from reading the FAQ. Also, if you hit the “controversy” link, there are some pretty kick-ass snarky shirts about “teaching the controversy” in regards to evolution, my personal favorite being the Discworld one.

  2. I’m pretty sure Tesla is rolling in his grave seeing his name on the same shirt as scumbag capitalist pig Edison. Besides, there’s a band named Tesla and they already have a logo.

    1. Yeah, there’s already a band named Tesla, but the Tesla/Edison just works on an AC/DC logo.

  3. I have no doubt Edison is rolling in his grave seeing his name on the same shirt as that raving lunatic Tesla, and also the fact history has shown Tesla’s AC to be the more practical electrical delivery scheme.

    1. AC may be more practical to the end user, but long distance transmission lines are moving to DC for the (relatively) huge increases in efficiency. Both win in the end.

    2. Steve Jobs is a modern-day Edison; both deployed a sophisticated publicity machine that suckered the masses into believing in their genius.  Ultimately, history will show that AC [adhoc collaborative] open source is more robust development system, rather than DC [dictatorial control].  As soon as I put them on, my t-shirts become “raving lunatic” t-shirts.

  4. The graphic of the 6 black squares with intersecting while lines makes a classic optical illusion with gray blobs at the intersections.

  5. These seem weirdly less inspired than the filmmaker ones I’ve seen for years.  I don’t know who makes ’em, but they’re all great directors and all heavy metal fonts.  Maybe it’s that specificity that is more satisfying.  This is a bit more random.

    I got Ingmar Bergman in the Iron Maiden font at one of the indie movie rental places in LA.

  6. All good but for the fact that the Shulang web site makes you create a login AND consistently fails to add things to your shopping cart when you click the button to add them.  Too bad, I might have actually bought this had they not exceeded my patience level for non-functioning web code.

    1. Worked just fine for me, and I didn’t create an account. I run no-script and I only allow session cookies., so I temporarily allowed cookies and javascript and the order went through fine.
      I had to get the AC/DC shirt for my wife. She insisted!

      1. Thx, maybe I’ll give it another go with another browser….   I could swear I had really permissible cookie settings activated…

  7. While most nerds have been distracted by the shiny t-shirts, there is one who proudly keeps his nerd credentials. Congratulations Phototropic! (BB should have an award for posts like this)

  8. If Neils wouldn’t have objected to having his name worn across my chest, I wouldn’t mind having it there. 

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