72 Demons: crowd sourced alternative illustrations of the Ars Goetia


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  1. zombiebob says:

    Hey artists: careful now, or one of these guys might adopt you. Which could be a good or bad thing. 
    Seriously, they exist.

    • zombiebob says:

      And I’m not being sarcastic. They really DO exist, just not in the way that we do.

      • flosofl says:

        They really DO exist, just not in the way that we do.

        Yes, they exist as fictional constructs that were used in allegories by Abrahamic religions as part of their oral and later written teachings.

        They have the same kind of “existence” as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

  2. Bucket says:

    Ars Goetia used to be my go-to text when naming large banks of machines.

    Now everything is all boring number/letter combos. QPLXV-02-94-3R-42 just doesn’t have the same cachet as “Andrealphus”.

    • “QPLXV-02-94-3R-42 just doesn’t have the same cache…”

      “You FOOL! You have spoken his unholy, uh, alphanumerics! HE COMES FOR US NOW.”

      (Ya see, what you didn’t know is, Hell has modernized too. They’re trying to get their 666-Sigma certification.)

      • Bucket says:

        Now that you mention it, I do notice this odd brimstone smell every time I log into Amazon ec2.

        Perhaps “The Cloud” refers to the smoke rising up from the souls of the damned, burning in hellfire.

  3. RJ says:

    I always thought those demons would look cool if done in a somewhat light-hearted style, like something Brian Froud or Ursula Vernon might do. A sort of storybook feel mixed with just enough organic realism to bring the subjects to life. Muahaha yessss to life

  4. Blaze Curry says:

    Well, I don’t recall the goetia mentioning any kind of modern christian take on its demons…it seemed more like a “demons of the wilderness” thing.

    • zombiebob says:

      What do you mean? Within the structure of the book, with a few exceptions pf Spirits listed as mixed good and bad (such as Sallos I believe) they are all pretty much portrayed as evil, and to be controlled by Hebrew holy names and hermetic concepts. 

  5. Kodandapaani says:

    Some one rolls their Rs.. And someone heard it the wrong way..:)

  6. godstalker says:

    Well if the rest of the submissions are up to the standard of Slug’s (cover? title?) image there, this will be right up my street.


  7. duc chau says:

    I can’t wait to see King Bagel.

  8. duc chau says:

    Okay… after reading about Agares I realized that my “creative” snark pales in comparison to the actual demons:

    “Agares: He can make runaways come back, and those who run stand still. He can also cause earthquakes and teaches languages, finding pleasure in teaching immoral expressions. He also has the power to destroy dignities, both temporal and supernatural.

    He is depicted as a pale old man riding a crocodile and with a hawk on his fist.”

    He has quite a broad skill set, this Agares.

  9. Lobster says:

    President Amy is a male demon?  I bet he’s ruthless.

  10. duc chau says:

    I propose a Demon-Off!

    I’ll go first:

    Vice President Galaan

    In demonology, Galaan is a Vice President (or Harbor Master), ruling the upper north west corner of Hell between the rock shaped like a turnip and a clump of trees, and being served by 3 or 4 not terribly motivated demons.

    He can make hot water come out of the cold tap, and Pepsi come out of the hot. He can also cause clouds and tidal bores, and confuses counters by whispering random numbers into their ears. He enjoys walking from here to there and loitering listlessly on the tortured souls of the damned. He also has the power to cover the earth in the eternal darkness of existential suffering by shredding the conciousness of all humans and animals alike in a vortex of evil, but rarely chooses to do so because of the effort involved.

    He is depicted as a guy on a bike being ridden by an angry monkey holding a knife.

    • Lobster says:

      The rock shaped like a turnip is where they punish children who didn’t eat their vegetables and people who played too much Super Mario Bros. 2. 

  11. jennybean42 says:

    She should go on kickstarter and fund a final compilation. I would totally but it.

  12. Mister44 says:

    This sounds fun – but… do the artists get royalties or a piece of the profits?

  13. Mike Podolak says:

    I submitted.  If this doesnt see the light of day, I’m going to do all 72 myself.

    More here:


  14. Tonweight says:

    I would normally jump at something like this, but for the demonology angle; the back of my neck prickles when i look at the seal of Astaroth (probably because of the laziness bit and being just out of “his month”).

    Maybe if i drew up some warding sigils first…

    …nah, not worth the risk.  Enough Hell-on-Earth to go ’round already.

    Take care with your subjects, artists.

  15. Under-Assistant Meh:

    In demonology, Meh is an Under-Assistant (recently promoted from Sub-Under-Assistant according to Pseudomonadales Daemonum, or, the Important Soil Bacteria of the Daemons) of Hell, who has under his command one severely put-upon demon whose job is to fetch the coffee and procure the biscuit. He knows of statues, paintings, and other artistic works, and has the power of not being easily impressed. He teaches men how to slouch and roll the eyes.

    Meh is depicted as a bored-looking cat with a piece of toast on his head, sitting on a newspaper.

  16. Rich Keller says:

    President Squamish, Potrzebie to some authors, commands 42 Cub Scout dens and works as assistant manager at a Starbucks in Hell. He teaches men how to lather, rinse and repeat, deludes them into thinking that they are fascinating while inebriated and is responsible for making objects in the mirror to be closer than they appear. He also builds up waxy yellow build-up. He is depicted as a crowned orangutan in a tuxedo with tube socks over its hands or as a snake in a sweater vest riding a unicycle.

    I’m going to figure out which one I should illustrate and submit.

  17. Dean Putney says:

    I love these new demons you guys are making up! Very funny.

  18. Tara Helfer says:

    And then LeoMoon was the demons

  19. Balam and Murmur are mine.  Mine, I tells ya’ !

  20. No more takers?  No deviantArtists here?     


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